Gilles Peterson has been shining a light on the jazz/funk/soul/world music he loves since the late 80’s when the pirates of Horizon, Invicta and LWR did battle for London’s music lovers. Then when Radio 1 repeated it’s 60’s trick of hoovering up former pirate DJ’s to breath new life into the stilted world of Oooo Gary Davies, Gilles found himself peddling his wares on the nations No.1.
For 2010 his live best of the year Worldwide Awards relocated to the newly refurbished “Garage” or as its now known the “Relentless Energy Drink Garage“.  It’s been closed for what seems like decades, so long in fact the last band I remember seeing there were bodran beating Irish Marxist rap troop “Marxman” who coincidently were on Gilles’ “Talkin’ Loud” label. (can that really be 1993!)

Having only managed to get in by queing up at 7pm I can report its changed very little bar a lick of paint and a lot more Energy Drink related cocktails. Its a decent small venue and could have sold out many times over given the embarrassment of riches on the bill.
I missed several acts because the upstairs was so rammed security greeted you at the bottom of the stairs with a “Sorry Sir, Its one in – One out“.  So GhostPoet, Elan Tamara, Nailah, and DOP will have to be caught another time!

But as Gilles himself says in his look back at the night, its not every awards show where you get “800 odd people cheering the fact that Harry Whittaker’s latest is number 4 in the jazz chart! It makes the the whole thing worth it just for that…

Lee Fields & The El Michels Affair

At a little after 1am, the star of the show strolled onto the stage. Diminutive in form but a colossus in charisma and vocal talent, Lee Fields is the successor to the soul crown once worn by James Brown.

His backing band – made up of members of El Michels Affair & The Meehan Street Band – had already warmed up the crowd with 3 stonking slices of wah wah and brass.

Looking dapper in a suit Fields was relaxed, in command of both the stage and the full house.  Word for word renditions of his latest album were belted out by the crowd, Love Comes & Goes, Honey Dove and of course the modern classic “Ladies”.

The only act of the evening to get an encore, Fields departed sweat dripping down his face. The front row reached out to him as he worked his way along them, clasping and shaking every hand. If this is a short Lee Fields set, look out for the full tour coming soon.

Lee Fields & The Expressions – “Honey Dove” (MP3)
Lee Fields – “Let A Man Do What He Wanna Do” (MP3)
Meehan Street Band – “Make The Road By Walking” (MP3)
El Michels Affair – “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” (MP3)

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Watch: “Ladies (Live @ WWA 2010)” (Youtube) / “Ladies (Live @ WWA 2010)” (longer Youtube)
“Love Comes & Goes (Live @ WWA 2010)” (Youtube)
Official Live video for “Love Comes & Goes” (YouTube)

Robert Glasper Trio

Prior to the gig The Robert Glasper Trio wouldnt have been the first name I thought of as show stealing but the man was bested only by Mr Fields.

Not only is he an incredibly gifted keyboard player but if the music every dries up he could have a lucrative second career in stand up.
Accepting his award for “Best Jazz Album” Glasper had the audience in stitches, feigning tears, and giving thanks to “big po… who’ll be coming out of jail soon“. He also thanked Gilles for incredible support saying he was so upfront he was playing tracks before he’d even finished writing them… “How’d you play that tune, I only just finished playing it!”

Over on the Brownswood noticeboard reaction to his set was justifiably euphoric “glasper converts ahmad jamal into stakes is high or Radiohead’s everything in its right place into maiden voyage its really the best jazz i’ve heard live in about 10 years

The Trio were shorn of regular drummer Chris Dave who missed his flight from New York, and so Joshua McKenzie stepped in at the last minute. “I only met this guy today” said Glasper as a very cool looking McKenzie adjusted his kit.

He needn’t of worried as the trio proceeded to “tear the roof off“, if its possible to tear a roof off while sat at a fender rhodes? McKenzie’s drumming was phenomenal, or at least it was to these untrained ears… K magazine’s reviewer thought otherwise writing that the “flashing grin and blurred arms, failed to mask the lack of real polish.

Robert Glasper – “Maiden Voyage” (MP3)
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Watch: Robert Glasper Trio – “Live @ WWA2010” (Youtube)
Accepting the award for Best Jazz album of 2010 (youtube)

Andreya Triana

Earlier in the evening Andreya Triana performed a beautiful acoustic set accompanied by her NinjaTune labelmates, Fink on guitar and Bonobo on Bass. The stripped down sound allowed her gorgeously relaxed voice to be enjoyed in all its glory.
Andreya Triana feat. Fink & Bonobo live @ WWA2010 by Brownswood

Bonobo feat. Andreya Triana – “Eyesdown (Warrior One Remix)” (MP3)
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Floating Points Ensemble

I should have been finishing this rather than watching the Brits!!! more to follow

Floating Points Ensemble – “Live in Session @ Maida Vale” (MP3)
Floating Points Ensemble – “Post Suite (Maida Vale session)” (MP3)
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Theophilus London

Wall-E on the Brownswood board: “Theophilus London was a strange one. I struggled intitally, particularly when he came out and started banging the drums like that bird from the Ting Tings. THEN, real energy followed, and he defititely knew how to hype a crowd. I wasn’t familiar with any particular tune, but eventually I got sucked in“.

Theophilus London – “Enjoy The Sun” (MP3)
Theophilus London/Jack Penate – “Pull My Heart Away (remix)” (MP3)
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More WWA 2010
Elan Tamara – “Oranges (Live @ Worldwide Awards 2010)”(Youtube)
Nailah – “He Speaks (Live @ WWA 2010)” (Youtube)
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And finally those awards in full

Track of the Year 2010
1. Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo [Hot Flush]
2. Floating Points – Vacuum Boogie [Eglo]
3. Zed Bias feat. Tawiah – Further Away [CDR]
4. Shafiq Husayn feat. Fatima – Lil’ Girl [Plug Research]
5. Darkstar – Aidy’s Girl Is A Computer [Hyperdub]

Album of the Year 2010
1. Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics – Inspiration Information Vol. 3 [Strut]
2. Martyn – Great Lengths [3024]
3. Lee Fields – My World [Truth & Soul]
4. Quantic and his Combo Bárbaro – Tradition in Transition [Tru Thoughts]
5. Mos Def – The Ecstatic [Downtown]

Jazz Album of the Year 2010
1. Robert Glasper – Double Booked [Blue Note]
2. Matthew Halsall – Colour Yes [Gondwana]
3. Carlos Niño & Miguel Atwood Ferguson – Suite For Ma Dukes [Mochilla]
4. Harry Whitaker – Thoughts (Past and Present) [Smalls Records]
5. Build An Ark – LOVE Part 1 [Kindred Spirits]

Maida Vale Session of the Year 2010
Floating Points Ensemble

John Peel Play More Jazz Award 2010
Four Tet

Lifetime Achievement Award 2010
Gil Scott-Heron

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