Ryan (StopMe): My God it’s been a long time since I did a TEN4SE7EN (Work commitments being the excuse). I’ve missed it and hopefully this post will be the first of many:

On a trip to HMV I found they were selling last year’s über-deluxe Chris Rea triple-cd/double-vinyl/book ‘The Return Of The Fabulous Hofner Bluenotes’ for the insane price of £8 English pounds. I’m never really listened to the guy before but at that price it was worth a punt. It’s chock full of classy Blues numbers and clever Shadows tributes. The smouldering Blues of ‘Talk To God, Act like The Devil’ is just one highlight.

I just got a copy of Archie Bronson Outfit’s new LP ‘Coconut’. As before, the new songs are ear destroyingly ferocious swamp-Blues cuts, like album opener ‘Magnetic Warrior’. The album comes with a bonus DVD with videos specially made for every song… bargain!

Aussie Bertie Blackman’s last LP is a brilliant delight for Florence Welch/Natasha Khan fans everywhere. The Glacial beauty of ‘Valentine’ is truly haunting.

It’s been a long wait since I was blown away by David E. Sugar live (When I saw him supporting Example), but his debut album is finally on the way. I just got it on promo and the unashamedly Kraftwerk cribbing ‘Also Moved’ is pure Robo-tastic majesty.

New album’s by the legendary Gil Scott-Heron don’t come along very often. So I was pretty damned excited by his new set which is packed by the kind of Socially conscious songs he’s famous for. It’s also got delightful love-songs like ‘I’ll Take Care Of You’, complete with gorgeous croaky voiced Soul vocals.

Last year I saw the mind-blowing Soul/Beatbox/Poetry/Rap/Comedy of Reggie Watts (Sell your Mother for tickets when he comes to town). Finally I found a live mp3 of my favourite song of the night, the Gangsta-Rap parody ‘Fuck Shit Stack’. Take note, every sound you hear comes from Reggie’s mouth, backing vocals, raps, beats and all!

Having enjoyed Keb Darge’s (And Cut Chemist’s) last ‘Lost & Found’ Rockabilly compilation I had to get the next entry in the series. This time he teams up with Paul Weller to bring us 28 rare Soul nuggets. The Tempos’ ‘(Countdown) Here I Come’ is just one magnificent example of what’s on the record.

Featuring the voice of Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner, ‘Gangs Of Rome’ was always going to be good. It’s taken from Ashley Beedle’s ‘Mavis’ project that also employees the talents of luminaries like Candi Staton, Cerys Matthews and Ed Harcourt.

I just watched the brilliant documentary ‘Dennis Wilson: The Real Beach Boy’ on BBC4 (It’s on iPlayer for a few more days). I then finally went out and got the deluxe re-issue of Dennis Wilson’s ‘Pacific Ocean Blue’. Bonus track ‘Holy Man’ was a sublime unfinished Instrumental until Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins stepped up to the mike to create something very lovely indeed. Taylor’s vocals and Dennis’ dreamy production bring to mind early Mark Everett at his best. (YouTube)

I recently saw Robert Glasper’s Jazz trio at Gilles Peterson’s superb Worldwide Awards show. Every bit of his set was exhilarating but the moment when I realised he had just gone into Radiohead’s ‘Everything In It’s Right Place’ was magical. This studio recording of the cover can be found on his first LP.


Archie Bronson Outfit MySpace / Purchase
Bertie Blackman MySpace / Purchase
Chris Rea Website / Purchase
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Gil Scott-Heron MySpace / Purchase
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