Another delayed post featuring some of my musical favourites from the last few weeks. Hurriedly put up (in unfinished form) simply because its the last chance to fill in the BBC’s online questionnaire registering your objection to the closure of The Asian Network & 6 Music.

Visit here to register your objection with the BBC Trust (they make the decisions)

The Asian Network recently picked up a couple of Sony Awards for its output. Nihal won Best Speech programme, with the judges saying “Issues are addressed that you’ll rarely, if ever, hear on mainstream radio… Quite simply, brilliantt.”

Back to the music as I didn’t intend this to be about Save Asian Network today, it just happens that Bobby Friction introduces me to bountiful amounts of new music courtesy of his AN show.
Without again going through the million reasons why both stations need to survive (I’ve wittered before) an entire scene depends on the Asian Network. Artists like Psychedelic Singh (who this post was actually supposed to be about) get not only national exposure but more importantly cold hard cash from the BBC via PRS for every play (about 15 quid for every play I think?) Commercial rivals whinging about the Asian Network’s budget do so from the comfortable position of not paying for the music they play.

Thanks go to Asian Network for alerting me to the work of Bradford’s finest purveyor of tie-dye bhangra, Amarik Singh, aka Psychedelic Singh. Listen to “Tumba Vajada Nar” below featuring the vocal talents of Lal Chand Yamla Jatt for just a sample of his riotously fun output. If the BBC is allowed to self-harm and cut the Asian Network it’ll be a body blow to the very musical and cultural diversity that for me makes this country great!
Tumba Vajada Nar feat Lal Chand Yamla Jatt by The Psychedelic Singh

Psychedelic Singh – Myspace / Soundcloud
Amarik Singh – “Tumba vajada Nar” (MP3)
Amarik Singh – “ReProduced (Bobby Friction on BBC Asian Network)” (MP3)


As the Uk strips enmasse down to shorts and socks in celebration of a weeks worth of beautiful weather, the musical equivalent of sunshine, The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble return with a perfectly timed new EP.
As a taster they’ve unleashed a free download of the Outkast coveringSpottie” from the EP, safe in the knowledge that anyone who listens will be compelled to buy the EP (if not their entire back catalogue). Incidentally Big Boi from Outkast is also back with “Stutterbug” a tune so good the bookies are paying out on track of 2010 seven months early.

Watch the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble video above and then book yourself to see them live should they pass a musical venue near you.

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – Twitter / Facebook / Website
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – “Spottie” (MP3)


I’ve not had a chance to listen yet but it’s fabulous to see JetTricks getting some coverage courtesy of Fun Lovin’ Criminal Huey Morgan on BBC 6music.

Listen again to the show as Paul & Jamie JetTricks talk about their musical collaborators, love of soul and swap home studio stories with Huey.
Also check out the Podcast Jettricks on the Wireless Radio Show” over here.

The second Jet Tricks album “One World” came out last month (Buy it here) but for a sample of the Jet Tricks sound listen to the wonderful “Don’t Touch Me” from their debut. Watch the video below too.

Jet Tricks – Facebook / Twitter / Myspace / Buy
Jet Tricks – “Don’t Touch Me” (MP3)


Sage Francis’s new album LI(F)E emerged blinking into the daylight this week revealing itself as a brave and extraordinary step up in the ambitions of Francis.

A good example being the sumptuous “Best Of Times” a collaboration between the fiery poet/rapper and Yann Tiersen, composer of the Soundtrack to one of the alltime favourites of world cinema, Amelie. Its a truly epic, touching and heartfelt track and if you’ve not already heard it, listen then read Sage’s thoughts on the songs lyrics and his nervousness at working with Yann.

In other news Dan Le Sac is currently working on some Sage remixes.

Sage Francis – Twitter / Facebook / Website / Buy
Sage Francis – “Best Of Times” (MP3)
Sage Francis – LI(F)E Interview (conducted by Steven Blaqart) by Strange Famous Records


Dan Le Sac may be working on a Sage Francis remix, but in the incestuous world of facebook friending, twitter following remixers, Akira The Don has already remixed got his tonsils round Dan & Scroob’s new single “Great Britain“. Available to buy next week or for a sneak preview listen 25 minutes into No.14 of Akira’s All New STILL weekly Doncast.

The real ATD news though is the MASSIVE response to his latest free mixtape, ATD23. From my window a few weeks back I could see smoke drifting across Walthamstow Marshes from the direction of Hackney. What could it be… Socialist Worker constructively criticizing the Olympics by torching the place..? No, it was servers running Akira’s website melting down after ATD 23 was declared “The Best Gaming Mixtape You’ll Ever Hear” by the ludicrously popular gaming site

30,000 streams later, pages worth of comments along the lines of “Ca donne une SUPA DUPA HOT SHIIIIT!” and Akira has indeed produced another classic mixtape. Its rammed with new songs based around Streetfighter samples, including rising talent, Envy.
As someone who never really played Streetfighter I’m hoping Akira succumbs to my own gaming heritage with an ATD24: Emlyn Hughes International Sensible Soccer mixtape!

Download ATD23 – Tribute to the music of Streetfighter

Akira The Don – Website / Twitter / Facebook / Soundcloud
Akira The Don – “Be Brave” (MP3)


London born but now living in Italy (from where his mum hails) Lion D’s “Nah Like Da Way Deh” is a bitter pill of social commentary wrapped up in the sweetest summer reggae coating. Wind down the car windows and sing along to the likes of “To make it look like a global conspiracy, to hold the people down and keep them in poverty“.

Its also two tunes for the price of one as 2 and a half minutes in the vocals disappear and it heads off on a glorious 4 minute sax led instrumental excursion! If you like this be sure to check out his debut long player “Burning Melody“.

Lion D – Twitter / Facebook / Buy
Lion D – “Nah Like Da Way Deh” (MP3)


@musiclikedirt why’s everybody sleeping on @rootsmanuva and banana klan anyway? haven’t heard a peep from anybody else. bouncement 4eva“.

I couldnt agree more with dao777’s tweet above, so for the second post running I’m giving some love to Rodney Smith’s BananaKlan. Its difficult to think of a time when Rodney seemed this productive, this on fire, and yet strangely the internet doesn’t seem to be buzzing yet.
Last time around it was a Banana Klan prototype, since then there have been mixtapes, an all new belter from Manuva himself, Jim Screech has possibly his best track ever poised to drop, and Ellie Mae a singer/songwriter from Surrey (pictured right) has been transformed by the Klan into Carol Thompson’s long lost sister! Listen to “Every Little Thing” below – Lovers Rock as re-imagined through the squelching prism of Rodney’s uniquely English bouncement sound.

Ellie Mae – Twitter / Facebook
Banana Klan – Twitter / Facebook / Soundcloud

Rodney himself is back with some new material unveiled over on Soundcloud (and available to buy too)
Snake Bite – Roots Manuva by Banana Klan


BamaLoveSoul.Com presents its first remix compilation, The Street Lamp Sessions Vol.1: The Remixes!

The finest knob twiddlers in Alabama get their hands on tracks by Amel Larrieux, Jill Scott, Jaafar, Jay Z and more.

The whole things free so head over to BamaLoveSoul to say thanks.

Who says romance is dead… Shaheed pays audio tribute to his beautiful wife…

Shaheed – Myspace
Shaheed – “Beautiful Black Ethiopian Skin” (MP3)


I think Ive developed a modern version of attention deficit disorder – Twitter, Facebook, MP3’s by the thousand, iplayer, youtube… These days its hard to hold my attention for a full track before I hit shuffle, so a whole album… yeah right!

Mondkopf’sGalaxy Of Nowhere is one of a handful of exceptions so far this year. An album I can listen to from track 1 to 12 without my finger even hovering over “next” – ridiculous though that problem is.

Maybe the 23 year old Parisian just ticks all the right boxes for me? Eno influences, crunching beats, large synths but most of all BIG orchestration! Lovely.

As a bonus grab Mondkopf remix of one of my favourite tracks of last year by Wolf Parade. Its huge and free from those people at RCDLB who get their mitts on all the best tunes, damn them.

Mondkopf – Twitter / Facebook / Lastfm / Music blog
Mondkopf – “Valse Dans L’Ombre” (MP3)


Bad Panda are currently releasing a new Creative Commons licensed song every Monday.

In search of top quality Americana they arrived in Sweden (the Easyjet flights were cheaper). StrayFolk hail from Malmö, Sweden and Dylan or Waits would be proud to put their names to “What Wouldnt I do“.

If the music wasnt enough their favourite quote comes from the legendary Groucho Marx – “Go and never darken my towels again“. Thats me convinced.

Strayfolk – Myspace / Website / Bad Panda (inc High Quality DL) / Buy
Strayfolk – “What wouldn’t I do” (MP3)


From Copenhagen, Denmark, Det Sejler I Effekter (english translation: Awash in effects) is a cooperation between Kee Fritchards/Jdreng, Daniel Sarstedt and tummy_dob.

The band formed in early 2008. Musically Det Sejler I Effekter fuse elements from dubtechno, electronica and a smidget of dubstep.

Det Sejler I Effekter – Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud
Det Sejler I Effekter – “Erobrende Løve” (MP3)


Ming Ming Dance Companys style is hard to pin down to a particular genre, but his music has been described as ‘Floating in a swimming pool full of LSD while Timbaland beats the dudes from Suicide to death with his 808′.

Although that description was ripped wholesale from the email they sent me… I’m a bad music blogger but the tracks very good so please forgive me for my cut and paste sins!

Ming Ming Dance Company – Facebook / Bandcamp / Myspace
Ming Ming Dance Company – “Crookline” (MP3)


Part of Cardinal – an orchestral pop act that paved the way for everyone from The Polyphonic Spree to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. Eric from The Seinking Ships was also signed to Sub Pop and releasing an LP that MOJO cited as ‘one of the 67 Lost albums You Must Own’. He decided to make an album with Ohio native Christopher Seink – mainly instrumentals inspired by 80’s soundtrack music.
It also features Miki Berenyi from Lush who’s been absent from the music business since the late 90’s. Miki laid vocals on a few tracks for the album – entitled “Museum Quality Capture‘. No disputing this album is obtuse, but intriguing at the same time.

Seinking Ships – Twitter / Facebook / Website / Buy
Seinking Ships – “Year Of The Seeker” (MP3)


Civil rights crimefighter by day and beat producer by night, Diego Bernal, returns with “Besides…” his follow up album to 2009’s successful, For Corners. On the album, Bernal sifts through untapped and long forgotten South Texas crates to create a musical ode to the classic era of hip hop.

With “Besides…” we see a more straight foward take on hip hop but the production has matured and the beats have grown more into full songs.

Diego Bernal – Twitter / Facebook / Myspace / Download free full album
Diego Bernal – “El Corrido de Chico B” (MP3)


MLD regular Alan Wilkis has been providing his midas touch to another lucky upcoming act. Not only is he the Hype Machines most prolific remixer but Wilkis has even reached as far as the National Slovak Theater who’ve interpreted his track “The Hustle” (DOWNLOAD) in contemporary dance. (Youtube video)

Unsurprisingly Phantogram’s label, Barsuk, are delighted with the remix, labelling it a “joyous new-wave inflected delight.”

Phantogram – Facebook / Twitter
Alan Wilkis – Website / Twitter / Soundcloud
Phantogram – “Mouthful of Diamonds (Alan Wilkis mix)” (MP3)

Alan Wilkis Remixes by Alan Wilkis

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