Yes I know, enough Akira The Don already, but stick with me, this is just a brief post in honour of Music Like Dirt’s walk on part in securing Hackneys favourite bleach blonde his first Number 1.

After “Be Brave”, from Akira’s Tribute to the music of Street Fighter Mixtape featured here last week, The Don summoned up an army of twitterers to assault the Hype Machine Twitter chart.

For the uninitiated, the Hype Machine hoovers up MP3’s from hundreds of music blogs and allows users to listen to individual tracks, favourite them, or tweet their appreciation to all and sundry. Any blogger who’s ever posted an MP3 of LCD Soundsystem will have found themselves at No.1 in the main chart (by its nature it rewards posting the most popular artists, rather than spotting new talent) but the separate Twitter chart is a different beast.

Otherwise known as the “ANA MARIE COX CHART”, a song scores points for every tweet about it. The more followers a person has the higher points per tweet, so Ana Marie has dictated the top 3 for weeks thanks to the 3801 point scoring bunker busting tweet bomb her massive 1.5 MILLION followers give her.

No easy task to overhaul but day by day “Be Brave” climbed, 100’s tweeted in its cause, every single point taking it slowly towards the 4000+ needed. Musicians and writers like Martin Carr, Example, Gonzales, Dan le Sac, Scroobius Pip, The Quietus, Lethal Bizzle joined the fight putting some big scores on the board. Robyn, Andree 3000 and finally James Murphy himself were passed and it was mostly down to the twitter hoi polloi tweeting and retweeting for days.

If you missed the track first time listen below or visit AkiraTheDon.Com to download a Free MP3 bundle.

Akira The Don – Be Brave by Akira The Don
With one chart “rigged“…sorry enthusiastically embraced… why not milk it some more and suggest the story to those responsible for the excellent Hype Machine Podcast/Radio show? I suggested they speak to Akira himself but the show is about the blogs rather than speaking to artists so it was left to the one man charisma vacuum that is me to step in for wittering duties.

Listen below at about 12 minutes in. On the plus side they played Desmond Dekker’s “Intensified 68 (Music Like Dirt)” as well as “Be Brave”. All I can say is I sound like a right old whinge, moaning about how much email I get (oh woe) and how I think about deleting the whole blog. I’m not really such a miserable git honest!!! I don’t feel part of Akira The Don’s life either… well not since the restraining order anyway.

#19 Hype Machine Radio Show (June 2010) by hypem

Akira & his mate Joey2Tits have also remixed Dan Le Sac Vs. Scroobious Pip’s new single “Great Britain”.

It’s available to listen to below, and buy at all good retailers (or itunes).

Finally the last remaining sample – Squeeze’s Cool For Cats, – has been cleared, and Akira’s album, The Life Equation is almost ready to be unleashed.
The first single, co-produced by the legendary Stephen Hague (as is the rest of the album) will be winging its way to Radio soon.

Great Britain (Akira the Don vs. Joey2Tits Remix) by le sac Vs Pip

Sample nerds might want to check the original source material for “Be Brave” below – taken from the Blood On The Asphalt remix of Guile’s Ending Theme, from the Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD remix project.