At the risk of offending any Meursault fans I’ll admit I almost chose Jamie Theakston ahead of their album launch.

After a hard & deeply thrilling day grouting bathroom tiles the option of sitting on my rapidly expanding posterior while watching a bunch of semi-celebrities playing terrible football on ITV seemed oddly appealing.   Thankfully at some point in the 2nd half sense prevailed and a quick dash to the Old Queens Head later I arrived in the nick of time to catch Meursault.

For this  “God Don’t Like It” organised free album launch five Scottish bands braved the Sassenach Capital.   Meursault’s timing couldn’t be better, the 2nd LP arrives as the buzz around the band reaches a new high.

And for once the excitement is justified – they may not be reinventing the wheel – but Neil Pennycock and his accomplices deliver on two fronts. They meld glitchy electronics to folk as well as the best of that genres exponents, but are equally capable of delivering a rousing tune stripped back to just banjo and vocal.  They seem to take a purverse delight in wrong footing the listeners expectations of which is the “Meursault sound”.

Crank Resolutions” is from the laptop folk side of the catalogue and while I wouldnt quite agree with venerable blogger The Daily Growl’s description of it as “Song of the Year so far?”, its pretty special.

William Henry Millar” is a tale of the Eighteenth Century politician, who unlike Lady Gaga was generally believed to be a hermaphrodite.  He also requested he be buried face down, 40 feet beneath the Earth. It’s an unlikely topic for a song that sets the audience off in a bout of joyful if slightly off kilter clapping along.

Before the closing number Pennycock shoots tongue in cheek glares at some in the audience unable to stop chattering. Live “One Day This’ll All Be Fields” improves on the recorded version, with the antique voice effect removed, and the crowd encouraged to add another dimension by sweetly singing along with the chorus. Its a fitting end to a short set, that certainly left me wanting more.

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