Please excuse the introductory self-promotion but the music industry types at Record Of The Day have rather surprisingly nominated this ‘umble site in the best blog category for 2010.
Results are due soon, and victory is guaranteed (as long as they accept multiple votes from the geographical area where purely coincidently my mother lives).


The quality of music coming from artists associated with the Fife based “Fence Collective” is never less than astounding.
James Mathe is no exception having already garnered glowing reviews with a 2007 album under the guise of “Barbarossa” or “Red Beard” in Italian. Now he’s back, shorn of that name but not of the ginger beard, or thankfully his talent for a beguiling melody.

200 copies of James debut EP ‘The Bedrume Cassettes’ are available (or 199 as Ive bought one already) and each comes in a lovingly crafted handmade sleeve. It features demos from the soon to come album ‘Care Cracks‘, as well as Johnny Flynn reading poetry over what sounds like an outtake from Wendy Carlos’s “Clockwork Orange” soundtrack. If that wasn’t enough theres also a cover of the classic Terence Trent D’arby track ‘Wishing well’!
Grab the EP at Rough Trade or online at

For the new material James has put down his guitar and picked up an Omnichord (along with assorted synths and 808’s). Maybe its just the new electronic surroundings but his voice has the air of Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor while the tunes share the chips gift for melancholic lo-fi electronic beauty. A taster EP that leaves you counting the days till the full album.

PS The picture is of Apple’s “Ping” recommendation social network failing to allow me to “like” James EP. Further proof of just how much ping pongs.

James Mathe – Facebook / Myspace

James Mathe – “Wishing Well (Terence Trent D’Arby cover) (Demo)” (MP3)


Montreal rockers Demons Claws deliver the finest Walt Disney inspired album of blues-psychrock melt around in 2010. On Myspace they categorise themselves as “Spanish pop / Tropical / Death Metal” but theres a delicious 60’s haze to much of the album.

Demons Claws – Facebook / Myspace
Demons Claws – “Fed From Her Hand” (MP3)[audio:]


Direct form Marquitos, Rio Grande Valley, Chale Tamale specialise in re-edits of classic Cumbia tracks. They take the latin sound, originating in Columbia sometime in the 1820’s (or so google tells me) and cut it up for the modern dancefloor.

Chale Tamale – Soundcloud

fito olivares – el mensajedo (chale tamale edit) by chaletamale


Money fucks money… and money is sexy…” Lyrically “Wildfire” doesnt hold back its punches and the new video (above) makes Gideon’s rant against Capitalism all the more direct. Prowling while staring directly into camera, he intones as the bass rumbles and horns more glowering than the Inception soundtrack ring out. Its heady stuff, and perhaps not what was expected from the man who brought us the gorgeous – how was it not No1 – love song “I Want You Around”.
Inexplicably “New Bop Sounds” is Gideon’s debut album, despite the fact that he seems to have been around as long as I remember. Grab the LP here

Gideon Conn – Facebook / Youtube
Interview with Gideon
Gideon Conn – “I Want You Around”


For some reason I regularly forget to visit Cut-up legend and advertising exec Steve “Steinski” Stein’s site. Everytime I check back in I’m rewarded with inspired Youtube videos (like Daffy meets Beck below), political commentary and most importantly hidden musical gems like Steinski’s cut up of Cream’s Strange Brew.
Theres also links to his latest mixes, or in some cases he’ll just say “drop me an email and I’ll send you the mix”. Not bad for a bonafide hip-hop god!

Steinski – Website
Cream – “Strange Brewski” (MP3)

Steinski – Mindbender by ChoiceCuts

A right-ring radio duck – Daffy Duck meets Glen Beck in this supadupaslick remix by Rebellious Pixels


Family, the London based audio/visual duo of George Cassavetes and Esther Theaker release their debut cdr ‘Umthakathi’. Umthakathi is the Zulu name for one who practises witchcraft and over 13 tracks they mix ethereal sludy synth (think ‘black-midi’), drag, chopped and screwed vocals and heavy sizzurp drankin’ production.

Family – Website
Family – “Hausu” (MP3)


Sorry I’ll hopefully finish this blog post tomorrow. Many apologies!


“Chocolate Money EP” Teaser by Kelpe

Untitled by Rome Pays Off

Sandro Dalepedro & TWO – hackneyed Ray by sylor-sandro dalepedro

And finally more from the Caravan Crookz who follow “Scooter Singh” with “Jason DONovan”

Jason DONavan is a Pirate. He partakes in Pirate activities and enjoys his Pirate chump change lifestyle.

This is his livelihood. This is his bread and butter.
He needs to be stopped.
But he knows boys. BIG boys. Boys who know even BIGGER Boys.

You want DVD, he got DVD.

Caravan Crookz – Facebook / Website / Twitter / Scooter Singh Appreciation Facebook Group
Caravan Crookz – “Jason DONovan” (MP3)