Before I slip entirely into a mulled wine induced Christmas fog, here are a few gems that really should have been mentioned weeks ago!


I’ve said it before but i’ll say it again, if you love music in any way, bookmark You’ll find a bit of politics here and there, the odd exclusive mix from the master himself, but most importantly idiosyncratic musical delights you just dont find anywhere else. Everything from Tom Lehner to Johnny Cash and everything in between.

His latest post has this cryptic email from a producer friend of his Mr F. olding Munny:

I recently finished a remix (for a European music magazine) that was for a project that fell through. I was supposed to do a CD-length series of remixes of T** J*** H****** E*********, using bootlegs only. Pickings were kind of slim, as most of the former boots have been reissued; I ended up with just 12 minutes of stuff I was happy with. It’s one piece in 3 sections. The title is ‘Some Dreams You Never Forget.’ I thought you might want to put it up until you have to take it down.”

And it’s not an unreleased track from Kid Koala’s side project The Slew, no matter how much it sounds like it.

James, Noel & Mitch vs. F.Olding Munny – “Some dreams you never forget (an experience in 3 acts)” (MP3)


A quick question… Whats your favourite Futureheads track? Now can you name me more than one??
Hounds Of Love” may have propelled The Futureheads up the charts but they never really escaped from under Kate’s shadow despite some decent self-penned releases.

With that in mind I had mixed feelings when Run Toto Run’s utterly charming lo-fi video cover of Passion Pit blew the dials off the world wide web. Who could’ve guessed the power of a simple video, a great cover and a couple of guys in animal masks? But how do you go about following up such a viral smash?

A 1am tweet a few weeks back revealed the answer… Simply write a slice of pure pop dance so blissful that Kylie herself would crawl over hot coals to get her mitts on it. “This Is A Lull” would fit daytime Radio 1 perfectly, but equally it’s pulsing synths and 80’s snare hits make it more than cool enough for the trendier dancefloor.
It works even better when twinned with one of Run Toto Runs inventive videos – this time its all trippy motion effects. To show how they created it, the director Christopher Poole has released footage of the band performing to a super slowed down version of the tune, which when sped creates the otherworldly effect. Watch Rachel singing deliberately sloooowwwlllyyyy here.

Run Toto Run – Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud
Run Toto Run – “This Is A Lull” (MP3)
This Is A Lull (single version) by run_toto_run


Who knows how long it’ll remain up on Soundcloud but grab the Paper Planes live bootleg of B.Dolan’s “50 Ways to Bleed Your Customer” while you can.

It was recorded live at the Scala in London back in September and melds MIA & Diplo’s killer “Paper Planes” instrumental with Dolan’s guide to… well basically corporately sucking the blood out of every human being alive.

That insanely infectious beat provides the perfect backing for lyrical bombshells like “Poison the well, Bottle the water” – a nod towards Coca-Cola’s activities in India. To find out more about the lyrics read this Urb article.

Should you need any more convincing it ends with a cry of “Ive got more STD’s than the ODB“. If only more artists ended their tunes with an indication of where they stand on the well recognised “Ol’ Dirty Bastard” scale of transmitted diseases.

The live performance was actually recorded by Dan Le Sac, a man recently described by the BBC as an underground hip-hop artist (I’d advise Dan & Pip to come up with some kind of easy visual difference to stop that kind of confusion once and for all).

B Dolan – Facebook / Twitter / Strange Famous Records

B. Dolan – 50 Ways (Paper Planes Remix) – live in London by Strange Famous Records


Back in 2008 I enthused about the love and attention Tartaruga Records take in creating beautiful packaging even in this digital age: “Such care and thought has been lavished on the release that if you buy a copy, a Tartaruga staff member arrives at your front door cradling the CD on a cushion!
Although Bleeding Heart Narrative’s new album is not due until the new year, its good to see from recent releases that they still lovingly craft each physical LP. That said, they’ve embraced the digital world and you can preview BHN’s music on their Soundcloud page, as well as downloading two taster tracks for free.

As a calling card for the soon to come album, first single “Perun” certainly stokes the fires of expectation (and is itself available in a variety of remixes). It’s a monster of a tune, that grows from fairly low key electronic bleeps and strings at the start to a maelstrom of horns, guitar, and vocals by the end. I was lucky enough to catch them live at a free lunchtime gig in Islington’s lovely Union Chapel. There aren’t many better ways of whiling away a Sunday afternoon than sipping mulled wine as Blind Heart Narrative perform beneath the gorgeous petals of the Chapel’s stained glass window. For “Perun” and the final few numbers the 6-piece bolstered their sound further with the addition of a string quartet.
There are some fabulous pictures of the band and a very happy looking crowd on Flickr.

Bleeding Heart Narrative – Facebook / Twitter / Blog / Tartaruga Records

Perun by Bleeding Heart Narrative

Listen to Bleeding Heart Narrative frontman Oli Barrett’s mix of his favourite tracks from 2010 over on what looks like a new blog to watch, Add Void.

I also stumbled across Ben Frost’s “Theory of Rakim” which Ben himself describes as a rough mix of ambient noises and the ultimate MC Rakim. Would love to hear a finished version.

And finally a remix by the act that first introduced me to Tartaruga Records, Brassica.

Bleeding Heart Narrative – A Dialogue (Brassica remix) by brassica