To celebrate the London launch of his WE.ARE.LIZARDS club night, Scroobius Pip kindly furnished Music Like Dirt with a rather fabulous MP3 bootleg.

Everyone loves MIA’s “Paper Planes“, its both a modern day classic and a guaranteed floor filler but are enough people aware of its debt to The Clash?
While the fact that its based on a loop from The Clash’s 1982 track “Straight To Hell” is hardly a state secret, Scroobius and a DJ friend decided to shine a spotlight on Joe Strummer by mashing up The Clash original with MIA, before adding a little extra dash from Pip himself.

When played for the first time at the Southend branch of WE.ARE.LIZZARDS a queue formed to enquire if it was available to buy.  Being a kindly soul Pip thought he’d give it away instead.

So show some love to Joe Strummer by clicking the download arrow below, and of course head down to the London launch night on Feb 18th at Book Club, Shoreditch 9pm-3am.

Scroobius will be DJ’ing as will Zane Lowe, Sunta Templeton (XFM) and Destruction (Redman, Adam F, De la Soul).
Tickets are £5 in advance and on the door before 11pm.

To Pre order tickets click here, and to stay informed of future line-ups sign up to the WE.ARE.LIZARDS Facebook group.
Paper Lizzards – Scroobius Pip / MIA / The Clash by musiclikedirt

The Clash – “Straight To Hell”

On the night Scroobius will be confusing and delighting in equal measure with a variation along the lines of Odd Future, Sleigh Bells, Polysics, Bjork and Busta Rhymes.

One album certainly on Pip’s “must buy the second it comes out” list is the long awaited debut from Kate Tempests Sound Of Rum. Check out “Give” from “Balance” to be released late April 2011 on Sunday Best.

Finally here are a couple of other tracks that may tickle the fancy of anyone who enjoys the sounds of Dan Le Sac & Scroobius.

and another equally cheeky bootleg from James, Noel & Mitch vs. F.Olding Munny
Some dreams you never forget (an experience in 3 acts) by musiclikedirt

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