Record Store Day was dreamt up five years ago to support the often beleaguered Independent record store in these days of iTunes, Amazon and illegal downloads (from dodgy music blogs).  As ever there are a ton of exclusive releases and quirky one-offs available from your local music emporium. Here are just a few but check the Record Store Day website to see what countries they are available in:

As one of the many instore performances, the CSC Funk Band played a Gang Starr/Guru tribute set on Record Store Day 2011 at Fat Beats warehouse in Brooklyn with Masta Ace and enjoyed it so much they recorded a couple of instrumentals inspired by some Gang Starr classics for this years day.

One of the most eagerly awaited releases must be the results of Tim Burgess’s trip to Nashville to record with Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner. The appropriately named “A Case For Vinyl” is absolutely gorgeous and is one of three Record Store Day releases on his own O Genesis label along with a remix of “A Case For Vinyl” and  The Vaccines and R Stevie Moore covering each other (“Post Break Up Sex” here)

Field Music have covered 2 Pet Shop Boys classics for their Record Store Day release. To be honest they dont really do it for me but then its tough to mess with the Pets.

Lamont/Bailey/Wall make a better job of the Pet Shop Boys / Dusty collaboration, “What I Have I Done To Deserve This” on an Irish compilation that wins the award for the most amusing concept.
Record Store Gay is a compilation of Irish bands covering their favourite Gay anthems from The Communards to Anita Ward. Listen to the full set here.

“Young & Lovely” is the first song to be released from COMPOSED, Jherek Bischoff’s forthcoming debut solo album. The flip side of the 7″ features “Eyes,” a collaboration with a certain David Byrne.

Middlesbrough-based DIY label and Independent record store Ack! Ack! Ack! have compiled a special edition of 50 C60 tapes of Lo-Fi//Punk//Leftfield Indie//Alt-Rock//Noise.

Blundetto Walk Away Now, The BlackJoy Remix – details here

Green Label Sound are giving away a FREE limited edition vinyl of the Holy Ghost! cover of Ministry’s “I Wanted to Tell Her” but this is only in the States. There are 500 etched records with an embossed cover but non US people can help themselves to a free download.

Feistodon, the 7″ from Feist and Mastodon featuring both bands covering recent songs from each another, with Feist taking on “Black Tongue” and Mastodon giving “A Commotion” a crack.

Theres a rather tasty sounding 17 minute amorphous androgynous remix of DJ Food’s “The Illectrik Hoax” (also available on Ninjatune) while Brownswood have a record store day exclusive too.


Caitin Rose – Arctic Monkeys cover