Aluna (pictured left) first met George (not pictured left) when he remixed her former band and discovered a mutual love of each others music.

Fast forward 18 months and the AlunaGeorge debut single “You Know You Like It” has proven so popular it’s had more remakes than Friday the 13th.

Bobby Tank, normally a purveyor of music to cruise in your pimped out DeLorean to, is the latest to lend his production nous to the tune.

Grab the Bondax remix as a limited free download below and visit the AlunaGeorge website for three more downloads.

On the subject of Bobby Tank, why not nab his “Lion Star” while it’s available for the ridiculous sum of absolutely nothing.

Here’s a video for AlunaGeorge’s “Just A Touch” which sadly isnt a Keith Sweat cover.