Before I disappear on a whiskey and wildlife tour of Scotland, here are a few musical lovelies that I really shouldve mentioned an age ago. There’s something of a backlog so lets see how many I can mention before I have to go pack.


The wonderfully named Chicano Batman bring ’60s and early ’70s Brazilian Tropicalia, slow-jam soul, surf-rock cumbia, and spacey psychedelia direct from their Los Angeles base. They never venture on stage without their Batcape ruffled tuxedo’s, use ironing boards as keyboard stands and their video’s are chick extravaganza’s (of the Hen type).

I meant to mention them as a plug for the $5000 they were hoping to raise to press vinyl copies of the Joven Navegante EP but fortunately they still hit the target. It’s not too late to order your vinyl, CD or download (I opted for a vinyl/tshirt combo) and any purchase will also allow to spread the Chicano Batman live sound across the world/state/country (delete according to records sold). Hopefully they’ll come to the UK one day.

Chicano Batman – Facebook / Website / Bandcamp


Chicano Batman – The Ballad of Raymundo Jacquez


Julian Cope pens monthly musical and topical “Drudian Address” updates on his site that often begin along these lines… “As the culture of Exxon, Cowell & Coke wades daily ever further into the mire“.
As you’d expect his albums – of which two are due this year – deal with tales of insurrection, tales of building new cultural traditions and songs about such things as disastrous exploits during the G20 protests.
Psychedelic Revolution” is split into two parts dedicated to Cope’s two most politically intense heroes and heroines – Che Guevara and Leila Khaled. It’ll be followed by “Revolutionary Suicide” later in 2012.

Lucy Brownhills of Lucifer NYC also features, and its out on Cope’s own Head Heritage label (rather than Cope’s amusing titled mid-price label “Fuck Off & Di”).

Julian Cope – “X-Mass in the Woman’s Shelter”
Julian Cope – “Psychedelic Revolution”



Hackney Colliery Band’s homage to rave pioneers The Prodigy is a popular part of their live show, but now it’s actually recorded its set to destroy dance floors with a rollercoaster ride that takes in some of Keith and co’s finest works including the furious death jazz take of “Jericho”, the dubwise “Out Of Space” and club anthem “No Good”, all given that HCB twist.


“Baby” by Benin City has had over 10,000 plays on Soundcloud since I picked it as part of the BBC 6 Music best of year so far and now Joshua Idehen from the band has returned the musical favour by tipping me off to Bateleur.
“Someone took Battles and added horns. That ‘Someone’ is Bateleur. If you have any soul, U’ll stuff this in ur ears NOW!

Bateleur – Facebook / Bandcamp

Free download of Jon Hopkins piano version of Modern Driveway by Luke Abbott

Graphics – I Made Up My Mind Feat. Price