Forty-nine UK blogs submitted their top five tips, with 170 acts nominated in total, but the winners of the Blog Sound of 2013 are…

(dramatic pause)

Triple sister, LA based, R&B tinged soft rock band, HAIM.

The top five are below, as is a Soundcloud player featuring a tune from each.
1st Haim
2nd Chvrches
3rd= Savages
3rd= Pins
5th The Neighbourhood

Thanks go to “Breaking More Waves” and “The Von Pip Express” for organising the whole shebang.

As with any popularity contest the selections with the most votes are not necessarily the most interesting or indeed the bands I’d have picked but the bloggers list provides an alternative snapshot of opinions to that of the BBC Sound Of Poll (although my money’s on HAIM to win the BBC vote too).

When the longlist was published I had a slight moan about how painfully white the selections are, with the almost complete lack of Hip-Hop, Soul & R&B making the blog sound of 2013 look like MTV before Jacko came along or The Brits with Sam & Mick when compared to the BBC’s offering.
What can you say… bloggers dig chicks with guitars!

With 170 nominations the true depth and variety of UK Blogs may be hidden among those acts with only a handful of votes. Music bloggers are by nature passionate about the sounds they promote, and it’d be fantastic to have a playlist of all 170 acts.

Finally here’s a tune and an MLD Session from James Mathe, one of my selections and hopefully someone who’ll have a fine 2013.   Happy new year.

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