Comedy meet music… Comedy Central meet Steve “Steinski” Stein, the Thomas Edison of remixing (and by that I mean he’s a true pioneer, not that he ripped off some English bloke).

While recuperating from surgery Steinski was approached by American comic TJ Miller  with the idea of creating a series of sound collages/remixes based on his Comedy Central show, Mashup.

The resulting works of genius are now available for FREE DOWNLOAD over on Steinski’s website.

The trademark Steinski sound effects and production techniques that had producers like Coldcut scratching their heads over where he found his samples (answer: he created them) are in full effect.
Thankfully the comedy is equally top notch, with works from Nick VatterotSean Flannery, Erin FoleyChris D’Elia, and Bryan Callen – to name but a few.

Here’s a selection but head to Steinski.com and tell him you love him (while picking MP3 delights from his pockets).

Chris D’Elia’s not a fan of British gangster movies…

Jared Logan on feminism and advertising for girls…

Sean Flannery forgets he has cancer…

Erin Foley thinks you’ve probably got a cold, not flu!

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