A roundup of the finest music, freshly stumbled across in the last seven days.

PALACEFacebook / Twitter

Thanks must go to Beatnik online for tipping us the wink on Brighton based four piece, Palace. All three demos on their soundcloud page are worth a listen but the wistful bluesy “Veins” is the standout.

They state their main influences as “White Denim, Kraftwerk, Wu Lyf, Jeff Buckley, Foals, Wu Tang Clan and Nigerian Blues” although I’m not quite hearing Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s oeuvre in their gentle blues rock as yet. Their tongues were probably firmly in cheek when they claimed to end their sets with a loud letting rip song dedicated to Blackheath village! Sadly attempts to google it only bring up an Indian Restaurant.


RAYYSFacebook / Bandcamp / Tumblr (influences)

As an instrument the Bodhrán doesn’t get much coverage on this blog, bar a brief mention in a retrospective on early 90’s Irish Marxist rappers Marxman. However the brush work of Bodhrán master Aimee Leonard provides the perfect understated backing to showcase the crystal clear voice of Rayys. She has a new single due soon but “I’m Coming Home” is a sumptuous first taste of someone destined to be a firm favourite.
There’s an untouched purity to the way banjo and bodhrán combine with Rayys voice although the cover art for the track is oddly available in both untouched and noticeably photoshopped versions.

For some reason the video reminds me of journeys back home to Carlisle on the train (perhaps it was shot in the Lake District)?

ALANA HENDERSONFacebook / Making of the EP (video)

If your ears are in need of another gorgeous voice then Belfast’s Alana Henderson could be the perfect remedy. Her debut EP “Wax & Wane” showcases not just her vocal and songwriting prowess but also that the cello is not heard nearly enough in “popular” music.


If you ever wondered what the Mouldy Peaches would sound like fused with hip-hop, then wonder no more. In 2007, while on tour supporting his album None Shall Pass, indie rapper/ producer Aesop Rock wrote a fan email to folk singer and former Mouldy Peach, Kimya Dawson. A few years later they reconnected during the creation of arts-and-oddities blog 900Bats, which in turn sparked the pair’s collaborative musical efforts. After appearing on each other’s respective recent solo records, both found more worth pursuing within the group dynamic, and The Uncluded were hatched.


On the subject of unlikely fusions, Edinburgh based Young Fathers meld TV On The Radio style art-rock with what sounds like Prince Be from Spandau sampling rappers PM Dawn. Set yourself adrift on the blissful falsetto vocals, raps and the eerily inventive video below.


Performed at weddings and parties across the Houran region of the Middle East, Dabke combines Electronic beats, mejwiz (a double reed bamboo flute) and vocal chants to create a style of dance music like no other. “Mili Alay (Sway To Me)” is taken from a collection of tracks selected from cassettes and discs found at vendors in cities throughout Syria over the past 15 years.


My So Called Summer – Lead single available as a download via limited edition glass badge by Scottish artists Keny Drew and Showpony.


Body In The Thames is a single human male making musical type noises with analogue synthesizers and drum machines, sometimes ‘singing’ and making occasional use of guitar. He reserves the right to stumble blindly from one subgenre to another along a broad path that might be described as dance music.

Benin City’s Faithless, the first official single from Benin City’s debut album Fires In The Park, available to download on the 10th June.


The Speedy Wunderground label have a predilection for fast releases… record it, mix it and get it out to the world as soon as possible. Their second release shows quality isn’t the cost for speed especially on the B-sde which finds rockers Archie Bronson Outfit getting dubbed out by label owner Dan Carey.


Ex Charlatan Tim Burgess is also an unlikely dub vocalist but dub supremo Prince Fatty was let loose on Burgess’s “Economy” with fine effect.


Rounding off a triumvirate of surprising dub stars is John Turrell, best known as one half of British soul/blues duo Smoove & Turrel

Turrell signed to Big Chill last year and whoever handed his “Wrong Time” single to East London’s finest purveyor of tape echo Wrong Tom deserves a hefty bonus. Tom adds a loping reggae beat, tasty classic dub effects and transforms the whole enterprise into the sort of gem that were it on an obscure JA 7″ would be fought over by collectors.
On the subject of WrongTom, if you’re a reggae lover of any kind you’ll love his in-depth natter with David Rodigan for FACT TV.

Once you get started with the sunny reggae vibes theres no stopping so here’s one actually from Jamaica itself. The Selection Riddim provides an almost lovers rock backing for a host of the Islands stars. Capleton, Chaka Demus, Mr. Vegas, Lutan Fyah, and more all have a crack at the riddim but Alborosie and Sizzla are the pick of the bunch. Judge for yourself on Soundcloud.


Brassica’s Microvictories was limited to 200 screen-printed, hand-stamped and sewn copies when it first came out in 2008. It’s now arrived in digital form but back then in between moaning about being sent Celine Dion CD’s I said: “It ranges from beautiful ambient electronica, found sound collages, almost pop-ish melodies through to the clattering “Welcome (a piss in the river)” with it’s driving bass line“.

We’re living in a joke time, metaphorical coke time
Commerce and guru men, run the whole world man

The return of Lauryn Hill with her tax evasion induced new release sent me off on a nostalgic tour of the classic R&B female vocalists of recentish years. The interweb is awash with amazing reworkings of Missy, Janet, Kelis… oh and Miguel just because I bloody love that track.

Missy Elliot – Sock It 2 Me (Kaytranada Remix)

Kelis also returns while Cain offers a heavy harmonic milkshake remix

Sly5thAve- Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe (Kendrick Lamar) feat. The Clubcasa Chamber Orchestra

Miguel – Do You… (Cashmere Cat Remix)