amy holford @ barfly

And the Grammy goes to… people being interviewed for TV News. Among this weeks musical highlights is a worthy successor to Charles Ramsey, a Jamaican lady who’s interview with a local reporter is transformed into an insanely catchy dancehall track by Lotek.

There are 40 more selections including Amy Holford who despite the apparent audience indifference in the picture above left the Barfly and I thinking “Where on earth is that voice coming from?“.  It brought to mind seeing a lowly billed Adele at The Luminaire in 2006, not to suggest Amy is the next Adele but just in the disconnect between the sound you imagine will come from the girl with a guitar on stage and the beauty (and power) that follows.  The Broccoli’s may not be quite ready to sign her up for the next Bond theme but big things must surely follow..?

I hope there’s something to tickle your musical fancy in the Whyd and Soundcloud playlists below: