Merry Christmas to all or any readers of Music Like Dirt, thanks for visiting in 2013.

200px-milliepulledpistol-singleMILLIE PULLED A PISTOL ON SANTA

I post this mood killer every year, but its an absolute classic from the darker side of christmas. Whats more it still brings back the excitement this De La obsessive felt when it landed on my doormat 17 years ago on Import CD.

On this US only single version De La tell the tale of Millie and how “the coolest dad in town” meets his maker.

She had the curves that made you wanna take chances
I mean on her, man, I’d love to make advances
I guess her father must ‘a got the same feelin’
I mean, actually findin’ his own daughter Millie appealing

De La Soul – “Millie Pulled a Pistol On Santa (Full Version)” (MP3)

PATRIK FITZGERALD –  “No santa choral end”

MAPS – “Stay Another Day”

This song is my special Xmas gift to you, inspired by taking 12 Es and running myself over in my own car. Only an enormous puffer jacket prevented me from certain death“.

Maps transformation of Stay Another Day into a blissed out trippy shoegazing epic proves the much maligned E17 penned a couple of pop classics in their time.

Merry Christmas to my home town, Walthamstow.

Maps – “Stay Another Day” (MP3)

Perry Christmas

LEE SCRATCH PERRY – “Merry Christmas, Happy New Year”

I can’t listen to this without singing along. Happy New Year from the Upsetter, with a little help courtesy of a real lost talent, Sandra Robinson. I must get round to recording the Dub version off the 12″.

Lee “Scratch” Perry – “Merry Christmas, Happy New Year (feat. Sandra Robinson)” (MP3)

KELPE – “Silent Night”

POGO – “All You ever Need”

HEDLUV – Christmas Rappin’ (YouTube)

Who else but Hedluv & Passman would think of teaming up what might just be the keyboard riff from “Tales Of The Unexpected” to sing along lines like “Ice cream, double cream, brandy cream and clotted cream… i’ll eat it all and then i’ll go and play Monopoly“.

FLAMIGOSIS – Charlie Brown Krimbus

CLARENCE CARTER – “Back Door Santa”

Clarence ain’t like no St. Nic, he don’t come just once a year. Have yourself a suggestive Christmas with Mr. Carter’s funk gem.

Clarence Carter – “Back Door Santa” (MP3)

FORT KNOX 5 – Xmas Dub

WILLIAM BURROUGHS – The Junkie’s Christmas

William Burroughs – The Junkies Christmas” (MP3)

The full 21 minute Christmas tale…

Music Like Dirt will return refreshed and two stone heavier in the New Year armed with a “Best of 2013” list.

Happy New Year!

The Trojans – “Auld Lang Syne” (MP3)