Sage Francis – Epic Beard Man


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The penultimate post of the Top 200 countdown and hopefully we’ll see the final 25 before January gives way to February!

As ever there are playlists galore to listen at your leisure, Whyd, Soundcloud and Spotify playlists are all above.  The number of tracks available on each service decreases from Whyd with the most (199) to about 100 on Spotify.

50. Phil France – Transition

49. John Wizards – Lusaka By Night

48. shak. – My Dreams Are Gone

47. Sha Prince – Why You Mad?

Live another day lying living inside my fears, 
Like when broke rappers call what they do the career

46. QELD – 28 Draws Later

Fucking Thatcherite cunts, You guys are the reason, I have to buy skunk.” (lyrics)

45. Hailu Mergia – Hari Meru Meru

44. Miguel – Do You… (Cashmere Cat Remix)

Do you like drugs, do you like drugs
Yeah, Well me too, me too, me too babe

43. Femi Kuti – Nothing To Show For It

Now that civilians done take over/Nothing to show for it
Our problems they have no answer

42. Roots Manuva – Stolen Youth (Radio Edit)

You’re looking at the stolen youth
The eggs, the clucker and the golden goose

41. Sarah Winters – Runaway / Swimming Pools

I sent this girl a picture of my dick.
I don’t know what it is with females
But I’m not too good with that shit

40. Thundercat – Oh Sheit It’s X

Your purse is nice baby, is it leather?
Or could it be suede

39. Suli Breaks – The Fountain Of Youth

Will my generations opinion only be valid when we’re over 30 and in debt to the economy

38. Factory Floor – Work Out

37. Charly Blacks – Whine & Kotch

When mi a bend over, mi a wine and kotch
Inna the air mi a wine and kotch

36. Erick Arc Elliott – 25

All you sippin’; Codeine
All your clothes; European
Either way I’m just losin’ interest

35. Lantern – Evil Eye

Evil Eye, oh Evil Eye
Keep me safe at night

34. Melt Yourself Down – Fix My Life

33. Pusha T – Numbers On The Boards

Every car driven was decided by the horse
Keep the sticker in the window ‘case you wonder how it cost

32. Youngblood Brass Band – E La E

This is something of a cheat as I indulge my passion for brass bands by including three of the finest brass tracks this year in one position.

31. William Onyeabor – Good Name (Joakim remix)

30. Neneh Cherry – Blank Project

29. Drake – Hold On, We’re Going Home (Album Version) [Feat. Majid Jordan]

You’re the girl, You’re the one
Gave you everything I love

28. John Turrell – Wrong Time (Right Time mix by Wrongtom) / Mark Professor – Oystah Card

A surprising reggae star, John Turrell is best known as one half of British soul/blues duo Smoove & Turrel. He signed to Big Chill in 2012 and whoever handed his “Wrong Time” single to East London’s finest purveyor of tape echo Wrong Tom deserves a hefty bonus.
Tom adds a loping reggae beat, tasty classic dub effects and transforms the whole enterprise into the sort of gem that were it on an obscure JA 7″ would be fought over by collectors.

27. Sage Francis – Blue / You Can’t Win (feat B. Dolan)

they say they’re fans but they never bought an album from ya

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26. Banks – Before I Ever Met You (Sohn Remix)

Everyone knows I’m right about one thing
You and I don’t work out

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