There’s an embarrassment of musical riches this week as fifty plus standout tracks dropped into my lap with alarming ease.
Poet, playwright and novelist Kate Tempest leads the way with ‘Lonely Daze’ the first taste from her new album on Big Dada. The production on this one really enhances Kate’s typically evocative storytelling.
As mentioned last month Akira The Don is bidding farewell to his Don persona with the release of “ATDRIP” and the first day or so of listening reveals Don’t feed the trolls as the one that has me repeatedly hitting rewind on my generic mobile music player.
So I solemnly swear to not self #fail, I will not read the Daily Mail” – Internet trolls, the Daily Mail and “penises” in general are on the end of the kind of quotable attack lines that make you hope the ‘death’ of the Don is swiftly followed by the birth of something new.

Forty four other tunes below including Alice Russell’s Mad Men sound tracking “Breakdown”, the return of Roisin Murphy, hip-hop from Goven and California along with vintage electro punk from Crash Course in Science.

If that’s not enough there’s an extra six tracks on the French daddy of music sharing sites WHYD.COM (playlist below) which weren’t available on Soundcloud.
Listen out for UK Hip-Hop duo Strange U (Veteran MC Kashmere and producer Doctor Zygote) take a trip to 70’s Africa, Kemikal Ali’s brilliant “What you want”, dub from Kanka, and new videos for Mo Kolours “Little Brown Dog” and Tokyo Police Clubs comeback single.

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