le sac v pip

I’m not entirely sure what exclusive means in a digital age of album leaks, ripping and streaming but for the next ten or fifteen minutes at least this is the only place in the whole wide web to hear a new remix of one of the standout tracks from Messrs’ Le Sac & Pips last album. I’ve got a secret code and everything.

‘Terminal’ isn’t ‘Repent Replenish Repeat’s most commercial track, verging on pure spoken word poetry with just a sparse synth chord accompanying Pip’s lyrics. The words tell the tale of an MDMA love story, sort of Trainspotting meets Before Sunrise but with wistful coffees in gay Paree replaced with McDonalds Happy Meals in the shadow of the Cutty Sark.

The House of the Black Lanterns mix walks a fine line between the clarity of the original while edging it closer to the dancefloor with a beat and some complimentary keyboard riffs. If a clubbier sound is what you’re after then the Royalston mix from the EP loops up the “feel numb” refrain to fine effect along with much harder drums… unfortunately in the process it loses most of the lyrics.

Preview or purchase the Terminal EP on iTunes or the LP/CD from Sunday Best (CD/LP). Visit Le Sac vs Pip on Facebook.


One of the few Le Sac vs Pip remixes to possibly improve on the original is the Polarbear reworking of Letter from God To Man, and even that’s not strictly speaking a remix. Polarbear appears at 2minutes 40 seconds.

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