At last a good excuse for tardy blog updates… the little lady above – dressed in pushy music obsessed dad baby grow – arrived at the end of the month and well, blogging and music in general hasn’t exactly been a priority.
First time parent excitement aside i’ll try and stick to the music although I may do a songs about fatherhood post at some point… thats if actual fatherhood doesn’t get in the way. Any suggestions?

Blog favourite DJ WrongTom recently released a lovely Lester Bowie edit he put together for a gig supporting Sun Ra Arkestra. If I actually believed in such things I might say god was smiling on me right now.

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Some highlights from this months 70ish tunes:


“Never been to Lyme Regis, or fathered a son”

Returning to Wrongtom for a minute, the latest release on his Rongorongo label comes from husband and wife duo Ed and Varrick Zed aka The Casual Sexists. Ed & Tom previously put together “Spikey Dread Vol.1”, a brilliant compilation of the cream of punky, funky reggae sounds with the best linear notes I’ve seen for a while (these things are important).
That comp provides a strong hint to the sound of The Casual Sexists as Ed intones his life story in a “World of Noise” over a loloping jah wobble-esque bassline. WrongTom provides a bonkers dub version on the flip and in case you hadn’t registered those influences there’s a mix over on Mixcloud.


“He doesn’t love you, he doesn’t care but he’s still there”

In which the Queens enlist the Motown drum sound with that tight crisp classic snare running through the track to such a degree that you half expect Ms Ross to come in with “I need love love to ease my mind”. Half way through Johnny Marr joins in on guitar but never-mind the pockets they picked to create “Don’t Call Me Up” the end result is an irresistible piece of leftfield pop.
Welcome back to the Jamaican Queens we missed you 🙂

79RS GANG – Drama

“I still can’t believe I got an Indian gang.”

Oh to be in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, or for that matter any time of year. The 79rd Gang is a collaboration between two Mardi Gras Indian tribe leaders, the 9th Ward Hunters’ Big Chief Romeo Bougere, and the 7th Ward Creole Hunters’ Big Chief Jermaine Bossier. It’s got the traditional call and response style bringing the energy and tradition of Mardi Gras but contemporary lyrics warning off those intent on creating “drama” or giving Indians a bad name by bringing a gun.

JOE CROW – Compulsion

“Charms in limited supply, And refusing to stretch”

Depeche Mode fans will recognise “Compulsion” from Martin Gore’s 1989 cover, a version that solidified its status in the cannon of British melancholic synth pop.
Joe Crows original emerged on an EP in 1982 that’s been remastered and reissued by Dark Entries records.
Joe played everything: guitar, bass, Boss Dr. Rhythm, Bee Gees Rhythm Machine, Wasp synthesiser, bongos stuffed with towels and an old tin tray for a snare drum. Everything was borrowed. “Compulsion” is an imaginary suicide note, a meditation on loss and grief.


The video for Morning Sun finds Holly traversing the barren landscape of the red planet as she draws connections between alien worlds and virtual worlds, inspired by John Perry Barlow’s ‘Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace’.

Ho99o9 – Bone Collector


One of an increasing number of astonishingly good licensed reissue labels putting the bootleggers out of business. The Edinburgh based, Athens Of The North has a hit rate that would put a prize fighter to shame.
Their latest offering, a 7″ double whammy of beatific Brazilian disco scalped from Painel De Controle’s RCA LPs is no exception, landing two boogie blows right in your sweet spot. Well known to deep diggers and true heads, but often out of everyone’s price range, “Relax” is a straight up boogie-disco monster built on a tropical inversion of Chic’s “Dance Dance Dance” groove.
Available from Piccadilly Records (and other stores)



In the video Maddy Carty wanders the streets of Cut La Vis’s Brighton home but this ones surely going to be a Notting Hill favourite. Taken from the Cut La Vis debut album “One Step Forward” due later in the year, this single is an ideal introduction to the Cut La Vis sound – reggae, hip hop and ska all rolled into one!


On the subject of Notting Hill, I can imagine Heatwave and other soundsystems putting Zed Bias’s newbie on heavy rotation this year. It’s got a glorious simplicity to it, catchy lyrics and a series of vague dance moves to copy.


TISH HYMAN – Subway Art

There is life in New York
Underground in the coldest hearts

“I grew up in New York, in the Bronx. I’ve rode the subways in the city my entire life. Subway Art is about the heart of the city. It’s about life underground. When I talk to strangers on my rides, most of their stories involve hardship and struggle. Real life…I wanted to make a record that represents this.”


Lima’s brilliant psychedelic and folk-inspired beatniks, Kanaku Y El Tigre release their second album ‘Quema Quema Quema’ on June 16th 2015 on Strut / Tiger’s Milk Records.

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