“When I shake my tambourine I shake that ever so keenly
My only wish is to get a lamborghini
My girlfriend loves snakeskin bikinis”

20 plus years on from his debut and Rodney Smith has renewed his Peter pan spirit and emerged for another familiar yet unfamiliar release. The familiar, that voice as distinctive as Rakim and as legendary, the unfamiliar, he’s never been afraid to champion the latest off kilter dance sounds.

The latest taste of the soon come LP is “One Thing” revolving around control addiction to status: not for or against but simply a reflection of the mind state that creates one dimensional aspiration in the most unlikely places.

Part poem, part proverb, semi theatre all condensed into 2mins plus of modern reconstruction of “Punk Attitude”.

Ninjshop: found.ee/onething
iTunes: found.ee/onething-it

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