It’s almost February so we’re definitely overdue numbers 101 to 150 in the painfully late 11th Music Like Dirt end of year list.
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The Top 200 of 2015 – 51-100 / 151-200

101. Will Adlard – Oh Heart That Beats

Oh heart that beats
I’m jealous of your need”

His dad’s a blues musician, and the band he formed with brother Ed overcame being described as “a posh XX” by The Telegraph to secure an Ivor Novello nomination.
Will Adlard’s debut solo EP “Poleaxe on the ice” has been a year in the making and it’s a glorious combination of bluesy soul or is that souly blues? Notorious talent spotters Poejazzi recorded him live last year and described “Somehow” as “one of the most emotionally provocative tracks we have heard in a long, long while” (watch the live session below).
“Oh heart that beats” has more of an electronic feel than the rest of the EP, with a Kraftwerk-esque synth backing Will’s forlorn voice. Check Will’s bandcamp for the pay-what-you-feel EP plus there’s a beautiful Bob Dylan cover.

102. Fews – Ill

The Fews were the 12th release on Speedy Underground, a label with a 10 point set of rules for all it’s recordings. Chief among those being that everything must be “recorded in one day, mixed within twenty-four hours and mastered immediately afterwards”.

103. Koi Child – Black Panda

104. Ebo Taylor – Ene Nyame a Mensuro (Henrik Schwarz Blend)

105. Chaos in the Cbd – No Signal Found / Midnight in Peckham

106. Chantal Acda – Up and Down

107. fLako feat. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson – Twelve O’Clock Shadow

108. Kamaiyah – How Does It Feel

109. Connie Constance – Stars

110. Sevdaliza – Men of glass / That Other Girl

111. Lafawndah – Tan

Newly signed to Warp, New York based vocalist and producer Lafawndah is back with ‘Tan’, taken from the EP of the same name, out the 5th of Feb 2016. The EP sees her working with producers Nick Weiss and Tamer Fahri, with additional guidance from ADR and L-Vis 1990.

112. Bicep – Just

113. Gaz Coombes – The English Ruse

114. Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean?

115. Dave B – Dead End

23-year-old Seattle native Dave B raps, sings, writes and produces his new LP. As Dave states, “This project is the soundtrack to me taking in what’s happening around me, what I might go through, and having an outlet for it. That’s what ‘Punch’ is, it’s not being afraid of your circumstance, not being a slave to what you can’t control… Just trusting yourself.”

116. Belle and Sebastian – Play for Today

117. Future Punx – Post-Wave

118. Girlpool – Chinatown

Thought I liked you, I was busy biting my nails”

119. Saint Sister – Versions of Hate

120. Bea1991 – Filthy Believer

121. Colleen – Captain of None

Lee Perry meets baroque Viola as Colleen makes a welcome return on Thrill Jockey records. Cecile Schott (aka Colleen) uses her voice and the treble viola da gamba (a baroque instrument with gut strings) to weave intricate stories about the human mind and heart. As a child, Schott became enamored with a cassette tape of Lee Perry tracks from 1976 to 1979 and you can hear echoes of that influence in the new album.

122. Koreless – TT

123. Songhoy Blues – Sekou Oumarou

124. Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld – The Rest of Us

125. Admiral Fallow – Evangeline

126. Sleaford Mods – Face to Faces

127. Public Enemy No Sympathy From the Devil

128. Franko – Coller la Petite

129. Lianne La Havas – Green and Gold (Donnie Trumpet and Nate Fox remix)

130. Love at First Sound – 24-702

131. Arve Henriksen – Hambopolskavalsen

132. Randan Discotheque – Ring the Bell

133. Fashawn – Out the Trunk

134. Dibigode – Laranja Madura

135. Sexwitch – Kassidat El Hakka / Helelyos

136. Jack J – Thirstin’

137. The Weeknd – Cant Feel My Face

138. Kamasi Washington – Leroy and Lanisha

139. Gnod – Breaking the Hex

Slaves to no-one but their own psychic co-ordinates, GNOD continue their fearless voyages down pathways unknown. Operating from their base camp and spiritual home, the legendary Islington Mill – a venue, art-space and liminal zone in Salford, Manchester.

140. Hairy Hands – Battlecat

141. Tessela – Bottom Out

142. Rick Ross – Foreclosures

Death Row, fast life
Foreclosed on my past life”

143. Jazmine Sullivan feat. Meek Mill – Dumb

144. Terakaft – Tafouk Tele

The ‘Alone’ album was born out of a need to maintain sanity in times of broken dreams and lies. It might be their most rock oriented album to date but at the same time it is their most poetic. Five years ago with their album “Aratan N Azawad” and even the follow up “Kel Tamasheq”, Terakaft was still full of hope, things had started to change. Today the soil that was supposed to blossom is burnt by selfishness and rivalry.

“There are too many characters in the picture, too many chiefs and not enough people”, says Diara when asked about the political developments in the last years. He used to sing political songs back in the days in his rebel youth when he was still playing guitar with Tinariwen. Nowadays he is only watching with a new feeling growing inside him: “Ténéré”, which is the title he gave to this album, and which translates to: “Alone”.

145. Tumi – Visa

146. Your Old Droog – Gentrify My Hood

What I really need is a coffee shop in my hood
Now that I ain’’t doing drugs
It’s stricly that black water in my mugs”

Droog’s sarcastic take on the gentrification of New York City.

147. Barbarossa – Dark Hopes

No one in this world deserves pain
No one in this world deserves hate”

148. Landlady – If This Room Could Talk

The Landlady EP features two original tracks, a remix, and two covers: “Mind” by Talking Heads and a fantastic cover of “If This Room Could Talk” by Sly and the Family Stone.

Here’s what vocalist Adam Schatz had to say about Sly Stones “If This Room Could Talk”:
Track two off the first Sly Stone album, the one no one cared about when it came up but man oh man do the first two tracks slam. It opens with Underdog. Underdog is Underdog, it’s the boxer that hits you right out of the gate. Then this song shoots you straight past the moon into the rest of it all. It sounds like there are two drum tracks on this puppy. We used to cover it a lot and it lent itself really well to the two drum setup Landlady has. But there’s so much subtle magic going on in this recording. The bass playing alone. And that saxophone squeal on the choruses“.

Buy the Heat EP on limited edition cassette, or download it for free on Bandcamp.

149. Consumer Electronics – Murder the Masters

Too much modulation and intonation awry
Too much fucking wine”

150. Overcoats – Smaller Than My Mother