The Glastonbury Festival have announced the 120 strong long-list for their annual EMERGING TALENT COMPETITION. Thousands of entries were divvied up between forty UK music writers and bloggers who each put forward their personal top three.
The people at Glastonbury now have the unenviable task of narrowing the 120 down to just 8 acts who will compete at April’s live finals for a slot on one of the main stages.

Here’s the three acts I put through to the next round, along with a few others who probably deserved to go through too! After getting my favourites down to about twenty, I then got stuck narrowing the final eight down to three and in all honesty any of the acts below could easily have made the cut.

Eliza Shaddad – Wars

I’ve listened to hundreds and hundreds of tracks over the last few years of the Emerging Talent competition, and Eliza Shaddad is only the second time I’ve been certain someones going through midway through my first play.
‘Wars’ is an ever evolving insistent track that reels you in slowly. Having started her career with a softer folky sound Shaddad’s growing confidence is in evidence here and in her live performances that tell me she’d pretty much own the Glastonbury main stage.

Early Ghost – Now I Always Wonder if I Like it Here

There’s an endearing air of melancholy to ‘Now I always wonder’ along with a tune that stuck in my head. There may have been entries with slicker production and perhaps more seasoned performers (if that doesn’t sound impolite) but Early Ghost had the song I found myself humming to myself several days later.
If they’re now stuck in your head head along to The Victoria in Dalston, London on March the 12th to catch them live.

Emma Hughes – Baby

Amidst a sea of guitar strumming singer songwriters it’s hard to stand out but Emma Hughes lovely soulful voice and songwriting skills do the job. Already on 6music’s radar and ‘Baby’ would make a fine calling card for any new artist.

The hey don’t hate me I had to pick three but these ones were also excellent section

In the process of selecting three to go through I’ll listen and re-listen to the entrants, check their submitted live performance, plunder their discography and as a last measure start harassing my nearest and dearest for their opinions. Suffice to say I don’t take it lightly and always end up with a nagging sense of guilt having chopped and changed the final three several times.
Here are just a few of the many artists you may well think I was a fool not to pick.

Eastern Barbers – Maya

The NME reckon Eastern Barbers are channelling fellow South Londoners King Krule and The xx which “only adds to the suspicion that there’s something uniquely glum, poetic and forward thinking going on south of the river”.

Eddie King – Didn’t Come Home

Essex based actor and singer Eddie King has a gorgeous voice and on the evidence of ‘Didn’t come home’ and ‘Understand’ some fine songwriting chops too.

Ella On The Run – War Of Words

Ella made the Glastonbury Emerging Talent Comp long-list back in 2014 and many might say the maddeningly addictive synth loop in ‘War of Words’ deserves a spot this year too. Head to her Soundcloud for more including a cover of Ace Of Base’s ‘All That She Wants’.

Egyptian Blue – Do you think you’re worth your soul?

Hotly tipped by people like award winning journo and Louder Than War head honcho John Robb so hopefully Colchester quartet Egyptian Blue will be bringing their blend of ‘Post Punk Blues Pop’ to Glastonbury one day soon.

El Dorado – The Flow

Up and coming new hip-hop from Coventry.