Record Store Gay 5

Each Record Store Day for the last five years Little Gem Records have punned in the name of charity and diversity with their annual ‘Record Store Gay’ compilation of cover versions. For 2016 however the event has spun off to a separate day and is raising funds for the Abortion Rights Campaign.
The campaign aims to increase support for a referendum to repeal Ireland’s 8th Amendment that places a constitutional ban on abortion.

But it’s obviously also a celebration of music and this year my ears were pricked by a cover version of a track released on Walthamstow’s own Small Wonder Records, The Poison Girls ‘Under The Doctor’. In September I’m curating an exhibition about Small Wonder Records as part of a wider celebration of the label and shop so it’s always good to see how the music released still resonates today. Incidentally if you want to read more about Small Wonder have a read of the interview I did with label owner Pete Stennett.

On their Facebook page Dublin based Pscyh/Dream/Dance/Drone band ‘I ♡ The Monster Hero’ list The Poison Girls Vi Subversa as one of their hero’s. As a middle aged, militant feminist, peacenik, anti fascist, anti capitalist punk, mother of two Vi broke the mould in terms of front women.

Thousands of us women have been cut down by lobotomy
Terrorized by ECT
Bullied into passivity, seduced into servility
I’m talking about you and me
” (lyrics)

Listen to I ♡ The Monster Hero’s cover here.

And here’s the original.

The Record Store Gay compilation is available on a pay what you want deal on Bandcamp but all money raised will go towards the Abortion Rights Campaign. There are fifteen covers including Lispector’s excellent take on Die Welttraumforscher’s ‘Greatest Love In Town’.