Have you listened to 100-200 yet..? You have, excellent… here’s another fifty absolutely amazing tunes that rocked my world in 2016.


Listen to the top 200 at your own leisure with playlists on most of the major streaming sites (it should be noted that they’re all missing tracks so the only way to hear everything is to scroll and play on the blog itself).

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51. Shaka Black – Pick Myself Up

Usually specialising in rare roots reggae reissues from the 70’s and 80’s, ‘Lo-fi showcase Pt.3’ marked Horus Records first full length self produced and recorded release. This is all their own production, cut to tape at their home, Arch studio in Tottenham – N15, London but it’s like stepping back in time to Kingston 1970 with a hint of The Wailers ‘Mr Brown’.

52. Bugzy Malone – Beauty And The Beast / Facing Time

“I was stood in the dock and my mum couldn’t look at me
Last time I seen my dad
He was asking me if I’m gonna do this properly”

53. Ancient Methods – A German Love

54. The Maghreban – Brooklyn

55. The Frightnrs – Nothing More To Say

56. Trim – Before I Lied

“It’s possible I could be wrong and they could all actually love me”

57. Obongjayar – Creeping

58. Adesse Versions – After Hours / That’s What Friends Are For

59. Jamila Woods – Blk Girl Soldier

“The camera loves us
Oscar doesn’t”

60.GaBLé – TRoPiCooL

61. Dee-1 – Sallie Mae Back

“Went in default Messed my credit up check my Equifax
I ain’t proud of that I’m more proud that I didn’t drown in that”

62. Ruspo – moça chorando

63. K.A.A.N. & K-Def – Responsibilities

“You want to starve motherfucker or do you want to survive?”

64. Elza Soares – Firmeza (feat. Rodrigo Campos)

65. Linde Schöne – Sorry Maar

Linde Schone six track EP is nothing if not diverse with six self penned tunes flitting between breezy pop r’n’b, Burial style 2-step, hip-hop and power ballads. ‘Sorry Maar’ or Sorry But (according to Google Translate) is the sort of infectious pop dance tune that were it not in Dutch would be flying up the charts. The old school house keyboard riff recalls the pop dance crossovers of the early 90’s or perhaps classic Basement Jaxx.
Schone is the R’n’b queen of the Netherlands but it can’t be long until the rest of Europe falls under her spell.

66. Brandy Clark – Since You’ve Gone To Heaven

“There’s signs in every store front, seems like everything’s for sale
They say the market’s bouncing back, but it’s sure hard to tell”