After keeping us waiting for a decade, Coldcut are now unleashing tunes, videos, memes and games on a practically weekly basis. This weeks, ping in my inbox is ‘Robbery’, another huge track off the forthcoming Coldcut X On-U Sound album ‘Outside The Echo Chamber’.

In 1993 they released ‘Global Choas’ as a computer game come ever evolving soundtrack and ‘Robbery’ sees them take that audiovisual game meets political satire into your browser.
With a trademark banging beat mixed by Adrian Sherwood (On-U Sound) and featuring JA vocalist Rholin Xs musing on who’s really robbing who, each level has a different rub of the ‘Robbery’ track to which your gameplay adds extra sounds.
On completing the game, the user gets a bonus track. The cut’n’ paste graphics nod to Terry Gilliam and sample Gillray, the leading caricaturist of the 18th Century.

‘Robbery’ is a 3D Virtual Surreality® game set in a world where the banks have stolen everyone’s savings, the Gov let them get away with it, and people are left with the bill. Maybe not that surreal then. You’re given the help of Coldcut who imprison the main Bankstr in a crystal ball. But it’s down to you to deliver justice and save the world, overcoming many challenges to arrest, charge and jail the miscreant in three increasingly difficult levels of Marble Madness-style rolling action.

Topical with recent revelations of the Bank of England and Tory government involvement in the huge LIBOR fixing scandal, the game is a satirical comment on probably the World’s biggest crime of all time: the ongoing heist of the global economy by the Bankstr inner circle. 

For those wanting to dig deeper, visit’s Robbery knowledge page. 

The page contains documentaries, videos, books, journalism, campaigns to join, infographics and memes. A decent information library focused on Banking and Inequality. This is part of an ongoing Coldcut ‘Infobone’ MOOC project, a free online teaching resource to inform and inspire activists.

Coldcut: ‘The 2009 ‘financial crisis’ was just one moment in a big global rip-off whereby the 1% continue to grab more of everything from the 99% (you) – here’s how that actually works’


But don’t forget to listen to the tune below. It’s so good to have Coldcut back!

If you havent heard it already you should obviously check out another track off the album featuring Coldcut teaming up with Junior Reid, 25 years after ‘Stop This Crazy Thing‘ took eco-activism onto Top of the Pops.

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