To mark Justin Timberlakes return to the Superbowl, B.Dolan just released an entirely free and definitely about to get pulled offline by big label copyright bots, mixtape.
Grab “UNJUSTIFIED” before it’s gone! And while you’re at it check for news of Dolan and Sage Francis’s forthcoming album and live dates.

In 2001, Michael Jackson was offered a bundle of songs from The Neptunes. MJ’s management rejected them and they found their way to Justin Timberlake – creating the breakthrough album ‘Justified‘.

That’s always bugged me.

When it was announced JT would return to the Superbowl after spectacularly failing to stand by another Jackson at the height of his career, it started bugging me more. I started out to make a single one of these mash-ups out of curiosity. Then I kept going because I’m petty and a music nerd and it was stunningly easy.

In the end though, I figured out what had been bothering me all along about Justin: It was his presence. And his whole personhood and self.
Once those things were out of the way, I really liked a lot of his music.
And so we offer this as a free download for as long as we can keep it on the internet.
Spread it far and wide. It’s yours!

For Janet.
For Pharrel & The Clipse.
For Michael.
For Britney, goddamit.

B Dolan

P.S. The EPIC BEARD MEN are about to release their debut, and have announced a string of tour dates across the East Coast. It will NOT feature this music. We will be doing a high powered party-rockin rap set full of new & old material. Hit EPICBEARDMEN.COM for dates and details!

And in case you’ve never heard it here’s B.Dolan’s almost decade old poem/rap, ‘Open Letter to Justin Timberlake’