MLD’s three favourite artists of the year so far (sort of)… #Blog6Music

0 Posted by - Jun 23, 2012 - Best of the year, News and MP3s

The lovely people at the station the BBC wanted to kill but the public wouldn’t let them, 6music, asked a select few (hundred) music bloggers their favourite three artists as we reach 2012’s half way point.  On Sunday the 24th of June (6-8pm) they’ll join forces with blogging zeitgeist’ers The Hype Machine and declare Purity Ring the winner unveil the top 25 artists of the year so far (according to pale white guys who spend far too long on their computers).

It’s always very nice to be asked to participate in these kind of things, but as someone who makes a fine art out of indecision I’m spectacularly ill-equipped to narrow anything down to three.  My end of year charts always include at least 200 tracks for this very reason.
After much gnashing of teeth I’ve mostly just gone with the artists my computer informs me I’ve listened to the most. They’re not necessarily tips for the top, just artists I love for various reasons, their lyrics, the beats, the innovation, the anger, or a simply beautiful voice.
Apologies to regular readers for the repeat selections.


Fabiana first appeared on the radar when providing the swoon inducing vocals for Ghostpoet’s “Survive It”  and then a few months ago, “Young Thing” the first of a series of demo’s appeared on her Soundcloud.

Fretless Bass alert! As Fabiana herself put it “Young Thing” has a wonderful 80’s soul feel courtesy of the lesser spotted fretless bass.  Not just any bass either, Pino Palladino is her dad. Pino’s bass supplied the bottom end for the entire Neo Soul movement featuring on D’Angelo’s classic Voodoo album as well as Erykah Badu, Bilal and Common.

Fabiana is blessed with a beautiful voice, the song is understated but reels you in and the production has more than a hint of Paisley Park.