Weekly Dose #4

0 Posted by - Sep 26, 2012 - News and MP3s, TEN4SE7EN

Another week, another dozen or so musical highlights from a blog so bleedin’ edge that one selection was on Pitchfork two months ago, while another was tracked down via the musical behemoth that is the Andrew Marr show.
If that hasn’t put you off you can stream the songs in handy playlist form via Whyd.com or with about 30% of the tracks missing on Spotify:

LISTEN: WHYD.COM playlist / SPOTIFY playlist

First up, the Brooklyn all girl, all sister (bar one) psych-pop rock quartet of Teeny, Katherine and Lizzie Lieberson plus Jane Herships, better know as TEEN. Lead single “Electric” mixes dreamy female harmonies, air drum inducing rhythm, classically rumbling indie bass, and all that before an absolute killer guitar line comes in at the minute mark.

Played at the proper volume you can appreciate the production nous and textured sound of chief knob twiddler, Peter Kembler aka Sonic Boom of Spaceman 3. Listening back to the chemically enhanced glorious wail of Spaceman 3’s 1988 “Revolution” it’s clear what a perfect foil Mr Boom is to the TEEN sound.
An old student housemate first introduced me to the “taking drugs to make music” sound, broadening my musical horizons until an argument with his girlfriend over whether the purchase of a Toilet Duck equated to the wholesale slaughter of dolphins soured our friendship.

Download a Dan Deacon remix of “Better” over on Stereogum.