Windmill return

0 Posted by - Jan 31, 2013 - News and MP3s

windmill‘Above Duffle Farm’ sings with computer bleeps, horn sections, pianos, bleak, honest, distinctive vocals and unusual tales of the cold. Recorded in isolation at home in London, its creation was an experiment with an uncertain future.

I knew that I could do my best work alone, uninhibited with total creative freedom. After ‘EPCOT Starfields’ came out I was on a lucky streak of commercials/ TV Shows using Windmill’s music. This gave me the chance to build a good home setup where I could make proper records, however and whenever I wanted. The album was practically finished by the end of summer 2011, but with label interest at an all time low and self doubt at an all time high, I became pretty introverted. Especially when it came to releasing music and I retreated to just making stuff for me again. As long as I feel my imagination is getting a good airing then I am motivated.”

With the album complete and without a home, it took until Christmas 2012 for the songs to make a public debut.

I started, for the first time to think it was a shame that this set of songs was left to die. So, I started posting 1 or 2 a week to SoundCloud. People were instantly asking where they could get them and that the songs meant something to them. Which, I was really grateful for, probably more than people realise. It’s tricky because I’m always pretty fearful engaging people from social media stuff. I work hard to speak through the work and I always dread undermining that by getting too chatty. But, it’s a testament to the impact of seeing people’s reactions to these new songs, that they steered the direction of the songs seeing a release.”