Ok, so my Camden Crawl (review here) involved Supergrass, AKD, Lethal Bizzle, and The Rumble Strips, but what did I miss out on by holing myself up in the Dublin Castle all night, and why does my free double CD have a hidden surprise:

“why, when I put Disc 1 into my computer, does it come up on iTunes as titled Bukkake Ruined My Carpet, the songs are all by Cocknocker, and the song titles include ones such as ‘Rusty Rim Licker’ and ‘Hillbilly Rectum Swap.’ Methinks someone is in trouble”.

Fair question Meredith, incidentally my favourites so far are “Timeshit” & “Your Phone Up My Bum”, although the title alone made me want to like “Jamie Oliver is A Big Gay”.

Futureheads: Gigwise reported that “the new material is as punchy, spiky and vocally pitch perfect as the favourites which are received to delirium”. Artrocker and Satyrica both did some “Camden Crawl trademark” social queueing for 40 minutes before giving up and going to bed / the pub. Finally Steph had a perfect view at the front and loved Man Ray… but was less keen on vomit and being touched up:

“It was so mad for The Futureheads. Allie somehow got sick up her jeans.and no it wasnt hers. We were dancing around in someones puke gross! Allie also fell over, bless her! We had some guy touching us both up, haha retard!
We went to the toilets looking a mess…..someone chucked a cup of beer all over us,our hair was such a mess!”

The curmudgeonly lot at Londonist seemed to get the wrong end of the stick about the 10 minute powercut:

“They hauled their inflated egos onto Koko’s stage to squeeze out three half-arsed mediocre songs and then, without warning, flounce off. For ten minutes. When they finally bother to return to the stage, they mumble some excuse about “some sort of fire alarm”. Obviously the sort of fire alarm that only requires band members to evacuate the premises. To hell with the audience – let them burn. Their performance continues its lackluster and uninspired progress… only soaring to the lofty heights of adequacy with ‘Hounds of Love’. There is no doubt that The Futureheads are by far the most over-hyped band of the evening”

Supergrass - Camden Crawl 2006

If you’re looking for some decent pics of the night:

My pics from The Dublin Castle inc. Supergrass, Lethal Bizzle, Akira The Don & The Rumble Strips

Simon Leak: Superb shots of Futureheads, Forward Russia, the very cute Delilah’s, Elle Milano, Young Knives, Lethal Bizzle & Sway.

Elsewhere The Londonist were even less impressed by Guillemots: “a band totally dwarfed by their stage and barely holding the crowd’s attention. They may sound rather pretty on CD, but don’t really cut it live just yet. The singer’s head needs to be attached to his body more firmly, lest it fall off with all the silly side-to-side wobbling that’s going on.” MusicOMH said bollocks to that they were magical:

“This is a band that shouldn’t be confined to a mere 35 minutes… when they left it almost felt like a close friend abandoning you.”

Indie MP3 set off on the trek to catch legendary punkyreggae act The Slits at the Oh Bar, and was impressed by the new songs as well as singer Ari Up’s “incredible charisma and a full tank of humour!”, and apparently with a absolutely stunning daughter too. Satyrica had them as a highlight too, “an entertainingly unhinged multi-national all-female outfit; I’m not sure I’d rush out to buy their CDs but I’m certainly glad they exist”.

The Good Books seemed to receive nothing but universal love. Deleteaa thought them “magnificent beyond a degree which could reasonably be expected… almost every song instantly awe-inspiring”, while Gigwise sympathized with their battle against constant irritating bar room chatter.

When 65 days of static finished their set “a silver glow of sound was left in their wake. Magic!” said Artrocker. While Mahoney enthused “pretty damn good, frenetic synths, drum sounds coming from all over the place and loud guitars. The drums are hit with such aggression it’s surprising that they even last a single gig without being destroyed”.
Craig Jones rated Wolfmother as owning the crawl “My God! They f*cking rock!”, but lost a shoe crowdsurfing to Carl Baratts Dirty Pretty Things, and finally over on Gumtree a plea for a lost beauty:

“you (long dark hair, beautiful blue eyes) walked up and asked if you could barge in the queue…
i said yes and stupidly carried on talking to my mates instead of you!
saw you a bit later at dirty pretty things… get in touch…”