MP3: Coldcut feat. Lu Grady “The State We’re In”

Video: 10 min Ch.4 making of “Sound Mirrors” documentary

If you’re going to join the download generation, and hand over 79p for a little MP3 file then please don’t do it with HMV. Life really is too short!

I’d somehow managed to avoid the tantalizing prospect of paying the same money as I would for a CD for a DRM riddled sound file until today. Regular readers of this site (I think thats plural but I could be deluding myself) will know that I’m a bit of a Coldcut fan-boy so when HMV offered “The State We’re In” and “Just For The Kick (Version)” two exclusive tracks not on Coldcut’s latest album I had no choice but to hit download. If only it were that simple. First as a Mac user I had to find a PC and then download HMV’s digital store software. Over at HMV it says “this should take a few minutes”… so why 30 minutes later am I still sat watching as .net protocols, and DF658HYI9 frameworks slowly move the progress bar from one side to the other? To be fair once installed, its easy to find the tracks you’re after.

However fast forward an hour and a half and I’m ready to stove the screen in with frustration, stuck in a never ending loop of adding the file to my basket, and then “We’re sorry but the connection to HMV has failed”. Retry, Reboot, repeat, repeat Reboot, Retry, again and again until finally there they are nestling safely on the hard disk.

Of course the 79p doesn’t allow me to transfer the files to my computer, and even if I managed it they’re not compatible with itunes so its on to CD they go to be reimported, but at least then i’d actually have them. Well… sort of… it turns out “Just For the Kick (Version)” was mislabeled and is in-fact just the album version!

So 3 hours, 2 x 79p, 1 x CD, one install, and emphatically one uninstall here it is: Coldcut featuring Lu Grady “The State We’re In”. Download it here, skip HMV, and go sit in the sun.

“And you don’t want to know what that fuck is that damn smell
Its all the water on the ground like gun shells
these are the choices daily thats going on
these are the decisions that we make when we go to war
God damn so much of its in gods name
we go to hell like dante its a damn shame
good lord these rich folk have really lost it
divine like the land mines..they walk across it”

Another excellent track from ‘oldcut. I don’t think the chorus with its bendy synths is very strong, and the “we just turned off the turntable” ending is a bit naff, but the lyrics, beats, cowbells and Lu Grady rapping(who he?..anyone?) are top notch. All looks good for a Sound Mirrors DVD, and probably a Sound Reflections (the remix album)?
Top moment: Lovely little Prince “uh-huhhh” at 2’13 🙂

Six alternative non HMV Digital ways to waste three hours:

1. Leave your front door, go to a record shop, buy a CD (Coldcuts “Sound Mirrors” for example”). Import onto computer if required.
2. Learn Japanese… order “Sound Mirrors” (Jap Edition) from Smashstore including both bonus tracks (buy me a copy… please).
3. Read the history of HMV – “His Masters Voice
4. Learn about Francis Barraud, his painting, and more importantly his dog Nipper. A design classic.
5. Learn how to cross stitch, make your own Nipper
6. Moan and whinge about it to yourself on your music blog.

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