Richard Hawley

With about 8 decks, DJ’s, VJ’s, Video scratching, house legends, and rappers galore all crashing together in one giant stew, the Coldcut live show has to be seen to be believed, and now they want your help to improve it.

Thinkin of a master plan, Cuz ain’t nuthin but sweat inside my hand
So I dig into my pocket, all my money is spent, So I dig deeper but still comin up with lint
So I start my mission – leave my residence, Thinkin how could I get some dead presidents

Eric B may of thought Coldcut’s Paid In Full remix was “gay disco shit” but most regard it as one of the classic remixes of all time. Coldcut do a mean version of it live (featuring Roots Manuva when I last saw them) and they want suggestions for animations and graphics specially for it.>

“for our live version of ‘paid in full’ we thought we’d do a little animation of hip-hop heroes, using sampled heads from photos stuck onto cartoon bodies, dancing n scratching etc. Can you suggest some of your fave hip-hop heroes, and ideally point us to photos of them online? Send suggestions to them on myspace.”

“Walk A Mile (In My Shoes)” was my favourite track of 2005, and its coming out as a single soon. If there’s any justice it will be number one, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it limps to 48. Ever generous, or daft… Coldcut are sharing Tiga and Henrik Schwarz remixes of “Walk A Mile” on their Myspace. Don’t think they’ll be up long:


“Walk A Mile (Henrik Schwartz remix dub)” – Coldcut feat. Robert Owens

“Walk A Mile (Tiga remix edit)” – Coldcut feat. Robert Owens

“Mr. Nichols” – Coldcut feat. Saul Williams
{highly recommended – absolute genius} – or alternatively as my dad reviewed it:
Is it established why Mr Nichols wants to jump? Could it be he had to listen to this rubbish!!??
I hate songs that have a suedo sentimental ‘talkie bit’, so to have the whole song with a suedo sentimental ‘talkie bit’ defies comprehension.

“The State We’re In”  – Coldcut feat. Lu Grady (bonus track from Japanese edition of Sound Mirrors – see here for more)


Coldcut “Sound Mirrors” Documentary (YouTube)

Walk A Mile (In My Shoes) (Live @ Shepherds Bush Empire) / (Live @ Cargo) – Coldcut feat. Robert Owens (Google Video)

“Paid In Full” (Coldcut Remix) / (Live on MTV) – Eric B & Rakim (YouTube)

Buy: Coldcut’s superb “Sound Mirrors” album at Amazon for 9 quid.

Sandi Thom vs. Charlie Brooker vs. Popjustice

Popjustice has been investigating Tooting and Sandi Thom as “it is from her ‘basement flat’ in this unassuming south London location that she WEBCAST her AMAZING SONGS to THE WORLD.” Ignoring the fact that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit Popjustice ask… “Tooting has already given us the greatest new talent of the century – let’s see what else it has to offer“.

Meanwhile Charlie Brooker writing in The Guardian prays that it was all just clever marketing, as…

“if her sudden rise to stardom WASN’T the end result of a shrewd marketing campaign, the implications are terrifying. Because to believe the official story – that thousands of people voluntarily subjected themselves to this shit online, then recommended it to their friends – is to lose your faith in mankind completely.

There’s a simple way to settle this once and for all, and that’s for the huge crowd of people who apparently watched Thom’s inaugural bedsit webcasts to step forward and make themselves known. Come on. Hands up. I want to see your faces. And then I want you smacked to death with brooms. You people are the enemies of fun.”