I’ll be disapointed if their new single fails to get to No.1, and while i’m in hyperbole mode get your bets down for next years “Mercury Music prize”….yes…yes..I know they havn’t even recorded the album yet!
Music Like Dirt – 6th October 2005

My words while reviewing the Arctic Monkeys Astoria gig last year, (to be honest I’d have said the same after seeing them at the Islington Academy a few months earlier). Tonight 11 months on they were indeed crowned winners of the 2006 Mercury Prize… and did I listen to myself, and slap down a heavy wedge of cash… did I bollocks!

Someone call 999 Richard Hawley’s been robbed

So quipped Alex Turner as he arrived on stage to collect the £20,000 quid (which is apparently going to a secret good cause). Richard Hawley’s wife may well have told him “I’m cooking breakfast, what the f**k is the Mercury Prize?” when told by phone of his nomination, but he clearly had a little bit of a late run on the rails. In all honestly I still prefer 2002’s “Late Night Final”, if only for the unbelievable “Baby, You’re My Light(MP3)“. The Monkeys are always good for a quote or two, and as Jo Whiley wound up the show mentioning last years winners Anthony & The Johnsons, one of them (I forget who) piped up with “Guess who’s the bird now“.

Arctic Monkeys – “Mardy Bum (Demo)

Visit Mardybum.com to download loads of mp3’s… but I imagine everyone did that last year.

More prize winners to come later in the month, with the chocolate fireguard of award shows The MOBO’s. Originally set up with the honourable intention of giving some attention to “Music of black origin” traditionally ignored or at best patronised by white rock establishment (Brits, NME, Q etc.). Sadly its become little more than a record industry promotional toy, and all credibility has well and truly been lost this year with the nomination of Alesha Dixon (ex Misteeq) for best female. Alesha’s not even had a solo single released for crying out loud… How was she nominated then?? Ty posting on his myspace site suggests the same way Lady Sovereign did:

a little birdie tells me that UK underground act The Choong Family were originally up for a Best Newcomer.. but the might of Def Jam alledgedly put a stop to that. Apparently they demanded that the MOBO commitee nominate Lady Soveriegn instead… FUCKING RIDICOULOUS POLITICS.

Visit Ty here to read more, and go buy his album when it comes out. It says a lot about the state of Independent UK Hip Hop when a true talent like Ty has to pull his European tour due to lack of funding. A total joke… visit his myspace and show some love 🙂

Finally the MTV VMA’s took a clear lead in the race for the dullest show of the year. Organisers called the police when they realised Mos Def was in danger of doing something entertaining and worthwhile by pulling up outside the show and performing his Anti Bush, Katrina song “Katrina Clap“.
To watch Mos Def being arrested and having a good rant, watch the YouTube video here.  Visit Streetknowledge.net to download “Katrina Clap”.