Cansei de Ser Sexy / 1990's @ Dingwalls 10/09/06

“Hello Dingleberries, we’re CSS”

Dingwalls, renamed Dingleberries for the night by lead singer Lovefoxxx welcomed Cansei De Ser Sexy to their second London gig in just a few days with wild abandon (or at least what passes for wild abandon in the capital). Lovefoxx is not a lady short of energy or enthusiasm, and even before CSS actually took to the stage she could be found gleefully joining the crowd dancing along to support act The 1990’s. Presumably named after the decade on which their sound is based, they were actually pretty damn good, one highlight being “My Cult Status“, with the end punch line “My Cult Status… keeps me fucking your wife“. A Bernard Butler produced album is on the way, and as they’ve also been out to Sau Paulo to record with CSS, Lovefoxxx joined them on stage for a final chaotic joint track.

After a short pause its time for as blogger The Nipper puts it “indisputably the greatest pop group in the world right now” although live they’re less electro pop and a lot more electro punk than on record. Its impossible to take your eyes off Lovefoxx or avoid being caught up in her endearingly bonkers energy rush. She stores water bottles down her top, duets with random members of the audience, hugs people, and of course throws herself into the crowd legs flailing until she is somehow returned to the stage in one piece.

Amazing photos by IanKDavies

They pretty much played the entire album plus a new track, with drummer and lone bloke Adriano Cintra holding it together as the four girls whipped up “a loud sweaty belter of a gig”.

“We’ve got this friend who likes to sleep with a lot of guys..she’s a girl. And she asked us to write her a song that she could sleep with guys to… so we wrote her this… “

Lovefoxxx introducing what must be the next single “Music Is My Hot Hot Sex“, which is followed by the equally wonderful “Lets Make Love & Listen To Death From Above“. Judging by the reaction on the blogs the rise of CSS won’t be slowing down anytime soon, “Wow Wow Wow… I can honestly say its the best small-venue gig I’ve ever been too… it really felt like I was part of a soon-to-be-HUGE phenomenon” said D on Myspace, while over on the UK Dance forum Drak was equally effusive:

“The best gig I have been to, ever! I am still awe-struck.
CSS are a …force of nature. Anyone who gets the chance to go and get trodden on in the stampede they inspire when they play should do so. It’s a privilege to be battered at their feet”.

Personally I wouldn’t quite go that far, but CSS are certainly a breath of fresh air in the slightly stale and overly humourless world of electro, or is it still electro clash? With fashion designers, directors, and composers among their members they’re clever without ever being arch, and can now boast a must see live show to go with their must hear LP.

Incidentally over on the Onefootball forum I stumbled across a thread by “Spearmint Rhino” who on the way to the gig entertained his mates with alternative versions of CSS’s “Lets make Love and Listen To Death from Above”. Here’s a few that made me chuckle:

Let’s Make The Beast With Two Backs And Listen To Nightmares On Wax.
Let’s Have A Screw and listen to U2. (Not too keen on this one.)
Let’s Have Some Slap and Tickle and Listen to The Invisible Skratch Picklz.
Let’s Go To Bed and Listen To . . . And They Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead.
Let’s engage in frottage and listen to De Barge
Let’s Pop Your Cherry and Listen To Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry.
Let’s Get Covered In Spunk & Listen To Daft Punk
Let’s indulge in some fellatio and listen to A Certain Ratio
Let’s shag and listen to Pigbag.
Let’s Indulge In Scat And Listen To Take That
Let’s Have A Foursome To The Sound Of Orson
Let’s Risk Infection and listen to “I Am The Resurrection”

Warming to their theme they moved onto the inevitable post “making love to death from above” scenario of relationship break up:

I Want a Divorce as We Listen To Sparklehorse
Remorselessly fucking over her self-esteem whilst listening to the Go! Team.
Listening To 808 State While You’re Out Shagging My Best Mate.
Cutting Her Face Out Of The Wedding Photo While Listening To Africa By Toto.
Cutting the crotches out of his best suits while listening to Misty In Roots
Let’s Move Back To Our Mam Whilst Listening To The Jam.
Receiving the Decree nisi – whilst listening to Hard-fi
Let’s Monitor Their Phone While Listening to the Ramones
Divvying Up The Record Collection While Listening to Massive Attack’s Protection

You can tell nightshifts have sapped my enthusiasm and any spark of inspiration I may have had when the concert review is shorter than a list of daft names!

Cansei de Ser SexyWebsite / Myspace

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Cansei de Ser Sexy @ Dingwalls 10/09/06 – flickr set of my pics
Loads of pics from the gig posted on flickr (4/5 people)
The best pics i’ve seen so far courtesy of Iansuperb crowd surfing one.
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Music Is My Hot Hot Sex (Live @ Dingwalls)” – Youtube
Lets Make Love & Listen To Death From Above (Live @ Dingwalls)” – Youtube
Lovefoxxx stage diving (Live @ Dingwalls)” – Youtube
Cansei de Ser Sexy – “Alala (Youtube vid)
Cansei de Ser Sexy – “Lets Make Love (Youtube vid)
Cansei de Ser Sexy – “Meeting Paris Hilton (Youtube vid)

Lets Make Love & Listen To Death From Above” – Cansei de Ser Sexy
Lets Make Love & Listen To Death From Above (Spank Rock mix)” – Cansei de Ser Sexy
Music Is My Hot Hot Sex” – Cansei de Ser Sexy

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