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Dan Le Sac Vs. Scroobius PipThou Shalt Always Kill” (MP3) (24 hours only)

UPDATE: Times up visit Le Sac Vs. Pip on Lexx to hear/buy the track or video.

Don’t you just love watching a new act.. building an audience.. growing in confidence… and hopefully eventually coming to the attention of the great unwashed.

With his first few tracks Pip knocked on your door pleading for a little attention. With the debut LP he banged, rang the bell, and generally made it clear that like Jehovah’s witness’s he wasnt going away until you bloody well answered. Next Dan Le Sac joined in for the “Angles” remix, and the noise got louder still. Two do after all bang louder than one (stop sniggering at the back).

Thou Shalt Always Kill” however is the sound of Scroobius & Le Sac kicking the bloody door down… chopping it up with an axe and manically screaming “HERE’S SCROOBIUS!!!”

Its quotable, danceable, and irresistible. Echoes of the classic LCD Soundsystem “Losing My Edge” come to mind, along with the 8bit Gameboy sounds of those fantastic Beck E-Pro remixes. What’s more if you can multi task and take in the lyrics while shaking your tail-feather round the front room you’ll discover Pip on top form. Any song that manages to slag the NME & Coke, whilst covering Paedo’s, Stephen Fry, and Danny Glovers’ role in the Lethal Weapon franchise is ok by me. Put your hands up for Le Sac & Pip on their Myspace now!

I caught the Le Sac & Pip debut live show last month (see here), and loved it. Go see them on tour now… they’ll be even better having practised.

Dec 6th 2006 – Plug n Play with Chris Clark – Reading

Dec 15th 2006 – Show Ya Bones – Grays, Essex

Dec 21st 2006 – Trinity – London

Jan 5th 2007 – Old Blue Last – London

Scroobius Pip has a load of other dates coming up (including one at the Luminaire with the heart stopping beauty Adele)… As allways check his MurdochSpace for details.

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