Much as I hate the terrible layout, painfully unreliable music player, 96kbps limit, not to mention it being part of the Murdoch empire… I do have to admit that Myspace is a wonderful way of absent mindedly stumbling across great new music. With each new discovery comes a friends list that leads you on a kind of musical version of six degrees of Kevin Bacon.

(Experimental / Alternative / Rock)

This site hasn’t featured a huge amount of “Post-Rock” in the past but Vessels are just the band to put that right. They take the post rock template of “quiet, quiet, LOUD, LOUD, quiet… backwards drums” as a starting point but seem to be mining a more experimental line especially on more recent material.

Happy Accident” is one of those tracks that rewards patience, and repeated listening. With chilled guitar and samples of the zen-like “Joy Of Painting” presenter Bob Ross its like discovering an unheard of Orb & Jon Martyn collaboration, but then it builds over two and a half minutes to an epic blast of crashing drums, and treated guitars. Look out for this as the soundtrack to some BBC/Sky Sports highlights montage in the near future.

Heavier, and more Mogwai-esque “Look At That Cloud” is no less epic, and like much of Vessels output gives the impression that they’d be pretty impressive live. Speaking of which they are on a nationwide tour at the moment, and if I get a chance I’ll certainly be checking them out. They also have a single coming out on Cuckundoo records nowish I believe?

Vessels – “Happy Accident” (MP3)Click, don’t right click

Vessels – “Look At That Cloud” (MP3)Click, don’t right click
More free downloads on Vessels Myspace plus the “Set Fires” remix which is my own personal fave.

Dave I.D Dave.i.d
(Alternative / Electro / Experimental)

Thanks go to CocknBullkid for her “Top Ten Tips” post that first introduced me to Dave.i.d.
Dark sounds. Deceptively simple beats. I think he has mastered the fine art of songwriting quite brilliantly. If you stretch as far as Brian Eno to Timberland, you will love you some Dave.

His myspace features some inspired 80’s Spectrum/Amiga style graphics, along with loads of pictures of his electronic toys.

Guilty Pleasures” brings to mind the kind of glowering atmosphere Tricky used to conjure up in his pomp, all glowering bass tones, and stripped back beats. Dave’s superb brooding vocals coupled with a fine tune move the track away from Tricky’s sound and towards something that to Mr. I.D’s credit Im having difficulty finding a pigeon hole to lazily put it in!

Dave.i.d – “Guilty Pleasures” (MP3)Click, don’t right click

More free to download on Dave.i.d Myspace


The Cool Kids
(HipHop / HipHop / HipHop)
Its the new black version of the Beastie Boys

The Cool Kids are Chuck and Mike who apparently hail from Illville, Illanois, and are on a mission to bring back the spirit of Rakim, EPMD and the like, updated with a hint of the Neptunes, and the all influencing Timbaland.

The subject matter of “Mikey Rocks” is fairly obvious… Mike rocks.
All I need is a mic, and eng-er-lish

Although very much referencing the old school, its got a bit of a Clipse feel to it, with a lovely fat parping synth sound repeated throughout, and a trusty Roland drum along with the stuttering “I-I-I’m Mikey…I-I-I Rock” chorus. They repeat the trick on other Myspace tracks “Gold & A Pager”, and “One, Two”.

The Cool Kids – “Mikey Rocks” (MP3)Click, don’t right click

Another free track on The Cool Kids Myspace, plus “One Two” as featured on Mark Ronson show.

Dexy’s are coming back

Kevin Rowland’s preparing a new Dexy’s Midnight Runners album – demo track “Its OK, Johanna” is up on their Myspace site now. Quite odd, especially when it sounds like John Shuttleworth turns up at the end. Kevin also posts quite regularly on the hot burning subjects of the day…i.e Shilpa & Jade!

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