Better late than never here are my personal favourites of 2006. Any of the Top 20 are worthy of being number one, and may well have been if I’d made my choices on a different day, and in a different mood.
2006 was a fine year for music, but then most years are. You’ll find a bit of pop, reggae, hip hop, grime, disco, and rock in there, but I’m sure I’ve missed another 100 at least that had I heard would have been right up there.
Let me know the criminal omissions, the glaring mixups, or the really obvious bangers, belters, or ballads I missed out?
Download a zipped selection of some of the best in MP3HERE
Hopefully i’ll finish the chart later, but better to publish than wait the age it’ll take me to finish it.
Please express your disgust, approval, indifference at my selection by commenting at the bottom of the page. If you’re an artist and want an mp3 removed please mail.

1. Adele
1. Adele
“Daydreamer” (MP3)

Daydreamer, with eyes that make you melt

Listen To This” my occasional review feature is usually a place of stern judgement, sarcasm, and a unrivalled chance to slag off other peoples favourite music. When Adele’sDaydreamerwas featured however it reduced all three hardened critics to a soft blubbery mass of loved up enthusiasm… “I fall in love with this track each time i hear it“, “Awesome…perfectly measured… truly first album material” and perhaps most astute of all “stop reading this nonsense and go listen to someone with real talent.

The simple plucked guitar backing draws you to Adele’s incredible vocal. Drawing on influences ranging from folk to the nu-soul of Jill Scott & Erica Badu she has in my opinion one of the best female voices in years. There are so many nuances to it, yet nothing feels contrived whether its the jazz phrasing of parts or the pitch perfect high notes when she sings “there’s… no …. way”. I’ve listened to the track some 30+ times and it gets more beguiling with every listen.

Look out for the debut album in 2007, and catch her live if you have the chance.

Info: Adele Myspace / Adele “My Same” (MP3) Click, dont right click
Adele YouTube live clip

Jamie T

2. Jamie T
“Sheila” (MP3) / Youtube Vid
Well done, Jack! Glug! Down that cider
You’re right – she’s a slut and you never fucking liked her

Jamie T’s debut album is rightly one of the years most anticipated releases, but he certainly divides opinion, as this Playlouder review of “You Got The Money” amusingly illustrates:

Christ, I’ve had enough of street savvy, grotty, little urban poet fucks with Jafakin’ burrs rhyming ‘funny’ with ‘money’, Abba did that 30 years ago you deplorable, wooly-haired trustafarian little cunt banana. And it’s ‘If You’ve Got The Money’, unless you’re speaking in the past tense. Don’t think I don’t know you flew through your GCSE English Lit in your posh school in Wimbledon you little bastard“.

As Playlouder so nicely put it he’s a posh lad singing working class, but hell from Bowie to Ice Cube, the history of music is littered with plenty of those. Ultimately who cares… if Prince William adopted street patois and released a single as packed full of ideas and hooks as this I’d be right down the front going “Brappp”, and screaming “LONNNDONNNN” at the appropriate point.

Its got the most sing-along chorus of any track this year, fantastic lyrics, samples of poet John Betjeman’s “The Cockney Amorist”, and the bit where he goes “Bluh” at 1’07 makes me chuckle every time (but also probably illustrates why he winds some people up). I saw him live a couple of times last year, once in a sunny beer garden in Archway where he put on a fabulous acoustic show (review), and also at the BBC’s Electric Proms. (youtube).
Jamie T Myspace / / Live review+Pics+Vids

3. Justin
3. Justin Timberlake
My Love (feat. T.I.) (Youtube)

If I wrote you a symphony,
Just to say how much you mean to me (what would you do?)

Make no mistake Justin would be nothing without the production genius that is Timothy Mosley. After a quiet spell by Timbaland’s standards (he’s only made about 3 classics in the last 18 months) he delivers in fine style with “My Love”.

The foundation is a massive pulsating synth loop, and from that Timbaland builds his classic elements, beatbox, squeaky vox, his own monotone, and of course Justin with a killer tune that like all his best may or may not be about Britney. Its proof if proof were needed that the best pop can be as innovative as anything that comes on the cover of Wire Magazine.

Track of the year? Yes most definitely, but then T.I comes in with one of the worst most uninspired leaden guest rap’s you’ll ever hear. When Rakim guested on Addictive’s “Truth Hurts” he raised the track from the ordinary so much so that I’d rewind just to hear the bit where he comes in again. T.I on the other-hand ruins a masterpiece, it’s the equivalent of Constable painting 95% of the Hay Wain and then getting a 3 year old child to finish off with the cart!

Info: Justin Timberlake’s inspired SNL “Dick In A Box” spoof

4. Delia
4. Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom
“Relevee” (Carl Craig remix) (MP3)

11 minutes of techno wonderment! Carl Craig is in a rich vain of form at the moment turning out a flow of epic remixes, but this is THE one. Delia & Gavins album track is hotwired for the dancefloor, seemingly simple loops & brooding synths, build and build until the 4 minute mark when the drum kicks in and dancefloor mayhem ensues! Check out this YouTube movie to hear the reaction this track gets.

Info: Buy Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom

5. Gnarls
5. Gnarls Barkley
Smiley Faces (Youtube – excellent Zelig inspired video)
And I can tell you know how hard this life can be
But you keep on smiling for me

It kind of got ignored coming as it did after the all conquering Crazy (which re-entered the charts just the other week). Gnarls Barkley even had to delete “Crazy” just so this didn’t suffer the ignominy of charting lower than the single it followed.

It’s very much a recreation of the classic Motown sound, bringing back memories of a Buster era Phil Collins on tracks like “You Can’t Hurry Love“. Only Dangermouse would recreate the sound of someone in the 80’s apeing a 60’s sound, and end up with a 00’s pop classic.

6. One More try

6. My Robot Friend
“One More Try (feat. Antony)” (MP3)
You looked the part but you let me down”

This couldn’t be more 80’s and camp if it wore a FRANKIE SAYS tshirt, a leather cap, dueted with Gene Pitney, and had Holly Johnson spunk on it from the balcony.

It is however magnificent! I hadn’t really played it much until it popped up on shuffle on a long drive to do some work at the Royal Welsh Agricultural show… I then clicked back to listen to it again, and again, and again.
Clocking in at 2’45”, its criminally short, but superbly references classics like Soft Cell with an added hint of disco. Over the top of this Antony in full torch song mode is powerful and emotional in the role of scorned lover “And from the start you just messed around“. Why the hell wasn’t it released as a single?
As a side note, I’m sure I looked a picture of masculinity charging through Wales at the wheel of a 998cc Nissan Micra while belting out my best Antony singalong vocals. :s

Info: Buy the album / Myspace /

7. Wolf
7. Patrick Wolf
“Accident & Emergency” (MP3) / YouTube

“I’m feeling braver than I’ve ever been.”
Some Patrick Wolf fans have complained that this, the first single of his new album is too simplistic, too pop…where is the whispered folk mythology they complain? Having sat though one of the longest most pretentious evenings of my life watching Wolf live in 2005 I’m eternally grateful that for this track at least he’s dropped the student dramatics.

It’s still got the inventive instrumentation that is his trademark, in this case powerful brass, sirens, and a manic “la-la-la-la” vocal sample. Uplifting, flamboyant, and perhaps a sign that I should try him live again this year.
Info: Pre-order the album / Myspace

8. Gossip

8. The Gossip
In The Way Of Control (Soulwax nite version) (Original video)

Its been some year for The Gossip, what with NME naming Beth Coolest person of the year, having previously pretty much ignored the band, and more importantly this Soulwax mix storming dancefloors across the globe.

Soulwax who made Robbie Williams sound good with their Ravelight mixes of Lovelight, turn what was already a decent track into a punk disco monster. Beth delivers huge vocals while the Soulwax boys bring out all their tricks, crashing cymbals, huge builds, and of course the beats!
Useless fact: Apparently the track was written as a response to the US Governments attempt to block gay marriages.

9. Le sac
9. dan le sac VS Scroobius Pip
Angles” (MP3)

My name is Billy, and I’ve been beaten since I was three
Mum died when I was born, so dad takes it out on me

Angles” is a great rumbling behemoth of a tune, dark and brooding, but utterly danceable. It sounds like early Human League after they’ve been taken down an alley and given a good kicking by cLouddead. Over the top Scroobius tells the tale of a stabbing, a suicide and a security guard, and how every story has a variety of perspectives. Its gripping, and would work even stripped down to spoken word, but Le Sac’s effects, and production skillfully add to the drama. The moment when the beats drop out at 2’28” is the point when a good track becomes a great one.

Dan and Scroobius have been good friends to MLD this past year, guesting on “Listen To This (pt.1 / pt.2)”, and offering up a few exclusive tunes. I also caught them live at the Fly Bar, so check the review or just go see them for yourself. Their latest track “Thou Shalt Always Kill” was featured and raved about here back in November, and is currently Big Tune of the week on X-fm, with more airplay to come. It can only be a matter of time before cut out Scroobius beards come on the back of your Frosties packet.

Info: dan le sac VS Scroobius Pip Myspace / Le Sac Myspace / Pip Myspace

10. Spank
10. Spank Rock
“Sweet Talk” (MP3)

Fuck you up like a Percocet/ Make you feel good.

Sweet Talk” starts off as a pummelling funk jam with guitar licks, and serious bass aplenty.
MC Spank Rock is in fine effect as backing singers The Typical Girls holler and wail in response. Then at 3 minutes in a motown riff drops from nowhere, the Typical Girls morph into the Supremes cooing “I like his sweet talk, it fills me up“, and we’re in classic era Motown.

It was a tough choice between this track, and the jaw dropping Amanduh Blank featuring “Bump“, infact their album is so good, there are half a dozen tracks that could have featured here.

Info: Buy the album / Myspace / Live @ Barfly plus MP3’s / Spank Rock Breezeblock MP3

11. Metric11. Metric
“Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT remix)”(MP3)

I fought the war, but the war won’t stop for the love of God.
Not the theme music to New Labours election PPB, but a barn storming mix by MSTRKRT, who are rivalling Soulwax for the assured bangingness of all their remix work. I’m a sucker for a track laced with hand claps, and especially when heard in a club this is astounding.

12. Candi12. Candi Staton
“His Hands” (MP3) / YouTube Live performance

Oh Lord I didn’t ask for it, not the love or anything else

The Southern Soul sound is currently in vogue, with Joss Stone, and Amy Winehouse enjoying success with facsimiles of the music in recent years. With this in mind, and after the success of the amazing Honest Jon compilation of her back catalogue the time was right for Candi to return with her first non-Gospel album for a long time.

His Hands” was written for Staton by Lambchop’s Will Oldham after he read her biography dealing with the domestic abuse she suffered over the years. Candi has a voice to send shivers down the spine at the best of times, but here every word wrings with emotion. One day Amy Winehouse may bring the depth of her experiences and emotion to a song, but until someone pens a tune about getting pissed and making a tit of yourself on telly, we’ll just have to wait.
Buy “His Hands” LP

13. robyn
13. Kleerup
“With Every Heartbeat (feat. Robyn)” (MP3)

With Every Heartbeat” is a collaboration with the drummer/producer KleerUp, and to say it’s been well received is something of an understatement. An “astonishing piece of music – sort of what you would hope a Britney / Daft Punk collaboration would sound like” said Popjustice, while DontStopTheGirlBands was reminded of the first time Kylie performed “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head“. It’s an epic pop dance monster, combining gorgeous plaintive synths with Robyn’s powerful vocals. A song about the pain of walking away from a relationship doesn’t sound very uplifting, but when the pulsating synths burst in you’re transported back to the cheesy nightclubs of your youth, the strobe light has just kicked in, and arms aloft you beam at your friends as theirs and your drunken dancing stop frames in front of your eyes (**cough** actually maybe that’s just me?). Its bloody good that’s all I’m saying!
Kleerup may not be able to grow a proper moustache but he may well be the genius that gets Robyn the success outside of Sweden she so richly deserves.

14. Cansei
14. Cansei De Ser Sexy
“Music Is My Hot Hot Sex” (MP3)

“Music is my boyfriend, music is my girlfriend
Music is my hot hot bed, music is my hot hot sex”

As someone who’s spent the last 20 years and more money than I care to imagine filling every inch of my flat with vinyl, and now every byte of my hard disk with MP3’s I do like a good music obsession/music solves everything track. From the stone cold classic of Sterling Voids “It’s Alright“, to the slightly less serious “Music is my hot hot sex” I seem to fall for them all.
And how can anyone not warm to a group with such batty song titles as “Lets Make Love & Listen to Death From Above“, as well as injecting everything they do with an infectious sense of creativity and fun. Originally formed in Sao Paulo as a joke by a group of fashion students, film makers and illustrators, “Music is my hot hot sex” is a good example of the CSS sound, electro but firmly pop – all delivered with a wink and a grin.

For some reason this tune reminds me of the Russian faux lesbians tAtU, which as far as I’m concerned is no bad thing (the thought of the gasps of horror and indignation from po-faced Smiths fans when Tatu covered the Smiths “How Soon Is Now” brings a smile to my face even now).

15. Lupe

15. Lupe Fiasco
Hurt Me Soul (MP3) / (Live in a Chicago Street)

I used to hate hip hop, yep… ’cause the women degraded

After guesting on Kanye’s album, and then delivering one of the tunes of the summer with the addictive “Kick Push“, Lupe Fiasco has become one of the leading lights in the bitch & ho free school of hip hop.

Musically “Hurt Me Soul” is a very Kanye sounding lush string soaked tune, but the lyrics are an amazingly dense meditation on hip hop, terrorism, health care, prostitution and well life in general really. It’s to his credit that he can fire out lyrics mentioning abortion, israeli occupation and Osaka while the listener taps their feet and hums along like its the latest Girls Aloud. I defy you not to nod, and sing it.. altogether now:
They say I’m infected, this is why I inject it,
I had it aborted, we got deported

16. Herbert16. Herbert
Something Isn’t Right” (MP3)

The ever reliable Marathonpacks hit the nail on the head describing Herbert’s pop symphony:

“Something Isn’t Right”… that this song isn’t cranking out of every car stereo and every kegger this summer. “Cover up, when expose you ought to, wise up to the things they taught you. Cover-up: its an allied slaughter. Pucker up: it’s a friendly torture.” The string parts (probably concocted from carrots and copper wire, if I know Herbert) then assume a different posture in this light; somewhere between spy theme and Bernard Hermann. I haven’t heard a song yet this year, or probably ever, that combines the sumptuousness of city summer nights in the city with a (surprisingly unclunky) political call-to-arms, disguised with sunglasses and a natty white suit.”

Info: Buy “Scale” LP /

17. Stick
17. Stickboy
“Green Eyes” (MP3)

Writing these mini descriptions I seem to be detecting a certain weakness on my part for strings running through the chart, and this is another example. The criminally under appreciated Stickboy featured in last years best of, and this year at least two of his tracks vied for inclusion (My brother “Stop Me” features “Pills for the Pain” in his year end chart).
“Green eyes” is a good example of the wonder that is Craig Edmondson aka Stickboy. There’s just a hint of Badly Drawn Boy before he got bloated, and perhaps a dash of Dylan. Everytime I listen to to him (and check my lastfm stats I listen a lot) I’m amazed he hasn’t been snapped up yet.Info: Myspace

18. teenagers
18. The Teenagers
“Homecoming” (MP3 – click, dont right click this one)

It was dirty, a dream came true, just like I like it, she’s got nice tits

With a chorus of “I fucked my American cunt” The Teenagers are unlikely to have a radio hit with this tune, but nevertheless its essential stuff. They’re from France, but possibly based in London (?). “Homecoming” is a duet of sorts, boy meets girl, amusingly recounted from the two perspectives by the male and female vocalists over backing of Ramones/B-52’s pop guitars. “OK, listen girls, I met the hottest guy ever. Basically, as I was stepping out of my SUV, I came face to face with my step-cousin. Or whatever. Who cares.”
They have a fan club, membership of which seems to involve writing “The Teenagers” on your knockers. Fair enough :s
Info: Myspace

19. Prince
19. Prince
“Black Sweat” (MP3) / (Video)

I’m hot and I don’t care who knows it, I got a job to do
Prince Rogers Nelson back with the classic era minimal sound of the likes of “Kiss”. He pulls his old no bassline trick, stripping it down to just a synth, and drum machine. The trademark falsetto is still devastating, and his 3121 album features at least 3-4 of a similar standard. Its great to have him back, now lets hope he sorts out a UK tour for 2007 please!
Info: Buy 3121 / Prince plays the Superbowl half time show on Feb 4th – here’s the ad featuring him (Youtube)

20. Clipse
20. Clipse
“Hello New World” (feat. Pharrell) (MP3)

Niggers hear the ucckkkk and they know it’s me

2006 was not kind to Pharrell, his album was largely ridiculed, and live he received mixed reviews. “Hello New World” shows he can still deliver with pretty much an updated version of the Prince sound described in No. 19 above, ie minimal beats, and synths. It was tough to choose one track out of the 4 or 5 absolute killers on Clipse’s Hell Hath No Fury album, with the steel pan drums of Wamp Wamp in particular pushing this all the way. Just a shame the skills, and inventiveness of the rhyming and music isn’t repeated in the lyrics… bitches, crack, big cars…blah blah blah… wow very impressive.
Info: Buy “Hell Hath No Fury

21. Slew
21. Kid Koala
“Slew Test 2” (MP3)

Slew Test is Eric Sans with his side guitar project, or “Grungelism“ as he calls it. Take two stupid words and combine them into a longer even stupider one is his view. It goes from 0-190 in zero seconds, cutting up an the rock guitars with wild abandon, before switching to French accordion music, and back to a heavy guitar riff. It makes me want to sweep the dust from off my turntables, and get scratching. Catch Koala live if possible, what he can do with just a mangled trumpet sample has to be seen to be believed.

Info: / Buy “Your Mom’s Favourite DJ” LP

22. Wolf
22. Wolfmother
“Woman (Avalanches Millstream remix)” (MP3)

My neighbour enquired what the hell I was listening to, while a Wolfmother fan at work made the same face I make eating olives when I played it to them for what I thought would be their listening pleasure… but what the hell do they know… this is fantastic!

Its a joy to have the Avalanches back even if its just for a remix or two (next album please!), and they throw every one of their trademark tricks right into this mix. Old school hip hop breaks, sampled toy pianos, reversed chipmunk vocals, zeppelin style guitar stabs – all here in one massive audio soup. Snatches of the Robert Plant impersonators voice are kept, but put through the mangler, chopped, spliced, & diced.

23. Spice
23. Spice
“Rude Boy Love (feat. Pinchers)” (MP3)

One of the sounds of the Notting Hill Carnival (along with “Ghetto Story”), the track is based on Dave Kelly’s Stage Show riddim. It was released with five other stage show based tunes, but for me this just has the edge on the others (although they’re great too). Over a bouncing loping beat are snatches of steel pan drums, with Spice’s strident lead vocal backed wonderfully by the original Bandelero Pinchers.

Info: Buy Rude Boy Love / Check Soundclash for the latest reggae and dancehall.

24. Clark
24. Clark
“Herzog” (MP3)

This is fantastic with headphones on, memorising the listener with sound pulses around the head, dark black and menacing throbs, and shards of synth abruptly punctuating the soundscape. It builds up to an overpowering crescendo, before descending into ambient chill, and then finally the sound of typewriter keys as it releases the listener from its spell. Reminiscent of Black Dog at their best.

25. Divine comedy
25. The Divine Comedy
“A Lady Of A Certain Age” (MP3) / (Youtube live in the street)

Your husband’s hollow heart gave out one Christmas Day
He left the villa to his mistress in Marseilles

It gave me goosebumps when watching him perform it for 6music, and is the undoubted highlight of the “Victory for the comic muse” LP. Its a gorgeous story of an English dowager accustomed to the finer things in life, the lyrics beautifully unfold every painful detail of her decline. Most of it is her own fault but Hannon’s delivery leads you to feel nothing but compassion for her plight.

Info: Buy the album / Myspace

26. Daedelus
26. Daedelus
“Like Clockwork Springs” (MP3)

Like Clockwork Springs is a chaotic mixture of elements that seem to be almost fighting each other for supremacy in the mix. The big buzzing fuzz riff dominates the track initially with the strings, and clattering percussion taking a backseat, but towards the end a delicate guitar emerges from amid the cacophony.

27. Lloyd my pic is missing
27. Camera Obscura
“Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken” (MP3) / (Youtube)

Thanks go to The Daily Growl for introducing me to Camera Obscura, not the kind of band I’d normally stumble across (bot then that’s the joy of this musical blogging thing). “Lloyd” is an indie pop anthem, and as I seem to make a habit of saying I can’t understand how this wasn’t a hit.

A church organ chimes at the start before making way for a classic indie guitar, but the secret here is the quality of the the tune, and the beautiful voice of Traceyanne Campbell. Its sounds perhaps a little dated but a great tune will always be just that, and I’d also assume there are more than enough 30-something shoe-gazers to lap it up.

28. Brubekk
28. Brubekk
“Earthshaker” (MP3)

It may be true that anyone can make a mash up or “Bastard Pop” tune. A basic home PC will fuse together two disparate elements into one harmonious whole, or at least that’s the theory. Sadly most end up mixing together about as well as Mills & McCartney. A select few however like Richard X or in this case Brubekk are 100% Paul & Linda – two combined into inseparable one.

Each Gamm release is eagerly awaited, and this is another goodie. Take one part of Jeru The Damaja’s hip hop anthem “Ya Playin’ Yaself” – stir in a few extra rhymes from Dr Dre, Snoop, The Beatnuts & Big Pun – and then play it over the top of John Gregory’s rare groove classic “Earthshaker”. The result is glorious – not a shoe horn in sight – the brass section soars, horns blast out your speakers, and on top the rappers sound as if they’re performing live to a big band backing. To label this as just a Mash-up doesn’t do it any justice at all.

Read the story of how “Earthshaker” was made, as told by Brubekk himself, after scaring the shit out of me with a cease and desist email.

Info: Download some more Brubekk here / Check out his essential music blog “Horselatitudes“.

29. Ty
29. Ty
“Don’t Watch That (Knickers, Y-Fronts & Jockstraps)” (MP3)

Apparently I walk with a thousand grand, and like fat girls dipped in marzipan

To say Ty is one of the stars of UK Hip Hop does him a disservice… he’s one of the best in hip hop full stop. “Don’t Watch That” the lead single from his latest album is a good example of his brilliance. His lyrics are always inspired, here dealing with internet rumours about him with hilarious effect. He’ll have you laughing out loud when he raps about “aunt gertrude, who used to baby-sit and change your bum when you po-po’d” while the beat has you nodding furiously. Elsewhere on the album he deals with more serious subjects such as Damiola Taylor, but its always accessible and done with such beguiling charm.

Info: Myspace (Ty always starts off some interesting debates on his blog)

Buy “Closer” – one of the albums of the year.

29. Lily
30. Lily Allen

Info: “Alright, Steal” my compilation of tracks sampled or borrowed on Lily’s album proved popular, featuring in The Guardian, Channel 4, Stereogum and loads more… if any one hasn’t slurped it already, its there a while longer. Thanks for all the kind comments.

30. Ellis Island
31. Ellis Island Sound
Gene Pool (Mix 3 Susumu Yakota)

31. Massive
32. Massive Attack
Live With Me (feat. Terry Callier)

32. Whitey
33. Whitey
Wrap It Up

33. So Sick
34. Ne-Yo
So Sick

34. Akira
35. Akira The Don
“Thanks For All The AIDS” (MP3)

35. Kid Dynamite!
36. Kid Harpoon
“Childish Dreaming” (MP3)

36. Dosh
37. Dosh
Um, Circles & Squares

38. Slew Dem (Spooky)
“Joyride (Instrumental)” (MP3)

39. McAlmont & Butler

40. King Biscuit Time

41. Yeah Yeah Yeah’s
Fascinated by Gold (YYYs vs. Company B)

42. Epic Man & Plan B
More Is Enough

43. Rhymefest
Devil’s Pie

44. Sway
“Products” (feat. Mr Hudson) (Every Man For Himself remix) (MP3)

45. The Bishops
The Only Place I Can Look Is Down

46. Jarvis
Running The World

47. 1990s
You’re Supposed To Be My Friend

Blue Honey
48. Pop Levi
Blue Honey

49. Jackamo Brown
“Lay Low” (MP3) (Click, dont right click)

50. Poni Hoax
“Budapest” (MP3)

51. Zero Db
Bongo’s, Bleeps & Basslines

52. Lefties Soul Connection
“Organ Donor” (MP3)

53. Nas
“Carry On Tradition” (MP3)

Glass Shark
54. Glass Shark
“I Love My Disco Robot” (edit) (MP3)

55. Ratatat

56. Blade
“Four Walls” (MP3)

late train

The Beeching Report

58. Rhinana
58. Rihanna
S.O.S. (Rescue Me)

59. Vincent Oliver
If Yellow Were Sad

60. Jay-Z
“Minority Report (feat. Ne-Yo)” (MP3)

61. Dark Art Magic
Not Wifey

62. You Say Party! We Say Die!
The Gap (Between The Rich And The Poor)

63. Method Man
Konichiwa Bitches

64. Scissor Sisters
I Dont Feel Like Dancin’

65. Beirut
65. Beirut
Postcards From Italy

“Postcards From Italy” is a glorious mix of mournful brass, ramshackle guitar, and a tune to die for. Mandolins, ukulele’s, cello’s, congo drums, and Rufus/Sufjan-esque vocals enter the musical pot, and come out sounding like they were born to be together.

66. Hot Chip
66. Hot Chip
Colours (DFA remix)

67. Metronomy
67. Metronomy
You Could Easily Have Me

68. God
68. El Perro Del Mar
“God Knows (You Gotta Give To Get)” (MP3)

Tori Amos
69. Jeremy Warmsley
“I Believe In The Way That You Move” (MP3)

70. Serocee
70. Serocee
“Life” (feat. Jamiar) (MP3)

71. Ghost
71. Ghostface Killah
Back Like That (feat. Kanye West & Ne-Yo)

72. Sgt. Booka
72. Booka Shade
Body Language (Interpretation)

73. Soweto
73. Soweto Kinch
“Everybody Raps” (MP3)

74. Ladyland
74. Acoustic Ladyland
“Cuts And Lies”

75. Peach

75. Peaches
Downtown (SMD remix)

76. Burial
76. Burial
Southern Comfort

77. Peter
77. Peter, Bjorn & John
Young Folks (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve remix)

78. yungun
78. Yungun & Mr. Thing
Forget Me Nots


79. Yppah
Again With Subtitles

80. Beth Orton

81. Fedde Le Grand
Put Your Hands Up For Detroit (Dub)

82. James Holden
Lump (Darko Esser Edit)

83. Klaxons
Atlantis To Interzone (Third Eye Mafia Refit)

Lil Chris
84. Lil’ Chris
Checkin’ It Out

Jenny Lewis
85. Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins
Melt Your Heart

86. Turbulence

87. Junior Boys
The Equalizer

DJ Medhi
88. DJ Medhi
Lucky Boy (feat. Fafi)

89. Rick Ross vs. Simian Mobile Disco
Hustlin’ Hustler (Cadence Weapon Hi-Speed Edit)

90. Jurassic 5
Work It Out (feat. Dave Matthews Band)

91. Pinch

92. Gecko Turner
Subterranean Homesick Blues

93. Escort

94. Pet Shop Boys
Minimal (Lobe remix)

95. Gotan Project

96. The Superimposers
“I Wait For You” (Boston Rodriguez Re-Screw Edit) (MP3)

97. Jamie Lidell
A Little Bit More (Luke Vibert mix)

98. The Knife
We Share Our Mother’s Health

99. Wax Tailor
“Que Sera” (MP3)

100. Uffie
Pop The Glock (Original mix)

101. M. Craft
You Are The Music (Playgroup mix / Dub)

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