I’ve always got the best intentions of doing posts galore during nightshifts, but somehow my enthusiasm just wilts. So during a spare moment at 3am I’ll find myself not enthusing about amazing new records, but slumped in front of some ITV phone in quiz silently fuming at callers inability to guess “Racing” as the mystery word before “Car”.
“Hello Dannii… I’m not sure but..” (please for the love of god say racing) … err is it Brown”?
Brown! BROWWNNNN!!! … anyway anger management aside here are some new releases I meant to post before grumpiness got in the way.


Attention any fans of Soulwax’s big selling mix CD’s from a few years back. Hard-Fi’s Tour DJ WrongTom has picked up from where they left off, using 4 decks, and a sprinkling of computer trickery to squeeze 90 tracks into an hours worth of mix cd dynamite.

I could post the some of the acts featured but I don’t want to be responsible for anyone’s legal bill. Suffice to say there’s dub, club, r&b, gospel, not to mention a few of pops bigger names. Like most great party mix CD’s it mixes edgier sounds while not taking itself too seriously to throw in a bit of cheese and gtood humour from time to time.

DJ WrongTom
Myspace / Website

DJ WrongTom – Cassetiquette Teaser” (MP3) (CLICK DONT RIGHT CLICK)
DJ WrongTom – Bloody England” (MP3) (CLICK DONT RIGHT CLICK)
A Billy Bragg bootleg – Sacrilege!
Is there anyone who hasn’t grabbed this already?

Grab a load of free mixes from WrongTom’s Website.

DJ Wrongtom – Cassetiquette” – £8.99 from Banquet Records.

Yoko Ono

Seeing Yoko Ono live a year or so ago was one of the weirdest gigs Ive ever been to. She made her entrance slicing through a projection screen, leg and arm by arm finally emerging with a large sack over her head, and proceeding to stumble to the mic.

Having got seats in practically the front row I was about 2 feet from Yoko’s head as for the rest of the evening she howled, and shrieked her way through her back catalogue. The person I’d dragged along wasn’t best impressed, and I eventually succumbed to a fit of giggles trying to deal with the two faces closest to me… in front a 70 year old appeared to be climaxing with much “Owwww wooo ahhhhhhhh ig giaaaaaaaaaa”ing, and to my right, a face wearing an expression you could only replicate by asking someone to close their eyes and hold out their hands for a sweet, then as they close their eyes drag out a large dog to defecate in their outstretched palm. I however perversely quite enjoyed it, especially when the Pet Shop Boys emerged for an encore.

Fortunately her new LP of interpretations and collaborations with some of the creme of the current music scene is at worst a fascinating listen and at best an absolute triumph. All the bands featured from Spiritulized to The Polyphonic Spree bring their own sound to Ono’s creations, so if you like the band chances are you’ll by default like Yoko’s track.

Spiritulized slow down “Walking On Thin Ice” (the final track John Lennon appeared on before his death) and turn it into one of their trademark mantra’s, building and building up in all its melancholic majesty. Peaches… does what Peaches does, as do The Polyphonic Spree, while Anthony of “and the Johnsons” fame turns “Toy Boat” into an achingly beautiful ballad complete with moody moaning from Ant. I listened on repeat for a day when I first heard it.

The Flaming Lips provide perhaps the highlight of the album with an absolutely searing take on “Cambridge 1969“. Its the best thing The Lips have done in years, sounding like The Chemical Brothers doing a duet with Miles Davis or Fela Kuti. A brutal bassline, crashing cymbals, discordant horns, and a fuzz guitar – if you haven’t got a nosebleed when it finishes you weren’t listening loud enough!


Yoko Ono – Toy Boat (feat. Anthony from Anthony & The Johnsons)” (MP3)

Yoko One – “Kiss, Kiss, Kiss (feat. Peaches)” (MP3)


Yoko One – “Yes, I’m A Witch” LP from Amazon

I'm not sure

Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip

Thou Shalt not DRM.

It doesn’t seem like 9 months since Scroobius Pip first graced this blog, or 3 since I got very over excited postingThou Shalt Always Kill” for the first time. Finally Dan & Scroob are ready to officially unleash the track on a public thats already bellowing the hook “Just a band” in a manner not seen since 1988 when half the country spent days on end hilariously going “Bosh Bosh”, “Loadsamoney” at each other.

That nice Mr.Jobs will have the track exclusively on i-tunes from the 11th of March, with other mp3 stores following a few weeks later.

In the first half of April it’ll be available on Lexx Records as a limited 7″, b-sided with a remix by Knife Hand Chop.

You can pre-order the 7″ from Puregroove, who initially got so excited by the track they didn’t know who it was by. Im sure Piccadilly, Boomkat and “all good record stores” will have it too.


Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip – Thou Shalt Not Kill (Live on X-fm)” (MP3)

Visit The Daily Growl for another Scroobius & Le Sac X-fm live track.

Visit Dan Le Sac’s very own blog & subscribe to the podcast (the latest one is tasty indeed!)


With production by Boom Bip and Nobody, Busdrivers new album is his best work to date. Tracks like “Kill Your Employer (Recreational Paranoia Is the Sport of Now)” are perfect examples of what he self deprecatingly calls “niche-based, nonsense rap.”

Casting Agents & Cowgirls” is both lyrically dense and gloriously danceable, like a leftfield OutKast. Returning home shattered this morning from nightshift it appeared on my ipod and had me seriously considering whether I could get away with a bout of abandoned dancing coming down my street. Fortunately I couldnt work out whether I should pogo as if listening to “Jump Around” by House of Pain, and my front door intervened in the nick of time. I defy anyone to keep still when it plays.

Busdriver: Myspace / Website


Busdriver – Casting Agents & Cowgirls” (MP3)


Busdriver – Roadkillovercoat” LP from Amazon

The Cinematic Orchestra

Jason Swinscoe’s Cinematic Orchestra return with “Ma Fleur” their first album since 2002’s amazing “Everyday“. As a taster Ninja Tune is issuing a download-only release of opening track “To Build A Home“. The press release says: “A sparse and achingly beautiful piece of music, piano and then strings build slowly behind the incredible voice of Patrick Watson, the whole operating as a kind of prelude setting out the themes of the record to follow. Watson, an American living in Quebec, combines the fragility of Anthony Hegarty with the warm soul of Curtis Mayfield. It’s a performance of incredible poise, one of those pieces of music that seems perfect and complete and utterly classic as soon as you hear it”.

Some on the labels forum have been less glowing comparing it unfavourably to tracks like “All Things To All Men (featuring Roots Manuva)” (a personal all time fav) with many a dark muttering about it sounding like Coldplay covering Anthony & The Johnsons. Personally I cant wait for the album, and their live return at the Barbican in May.

To get the debut single for FREE visit Ninjatune here, and enter your email to be updated with CO news.