So good was the response when Scroobius Pip & Dan Le Sac released “Letter From God To Man” as a free christmas – for one week only – MP3 download, that every time they tried to take it down, the complaints flooded in.

Now in another extension of the season of goodwill and free MP3’s they’ve very kindly sent me over a crafty little bootleg.

No prizes for spotting the source, indeed until midway through I thought it was the original! At the 2’30 mark though Dan switches the beat and Pip conducts a brilliant open mic relationship counselling session. Witty, clever and honest, if frustratingly short… but leave them wanting more they always say!!

Enjoy, and while you’re busy downloading Dan & Pip will be speedily taking down the “God To Man” freebie, while doing their best whistling, looking busy, nothing to see here impressions in the hope no one notices 🙂

Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip – No Good” (MP3)


In relationships I get bored as quickly as you
so if you’ve made mistakes, chances are I have too

Dan & Scroobius also have 408 websites, most of which have free MP3’s, video’s, beard trimmings and much much more:

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Make Do & Mend Myspace – Brand new night in Reading showcasing new independent music (plus a great Clash/Pip/Sac mash up for Free)

Watch the video to Scroobius’s Yila collaboration on Yila’s Myspace.

Finally if you want to check out how swish their mobile phones are, visit the Le Sac Vs Pip Mobile Blog here.

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