loop a loop


Back in November an email from Davey MacManus, lead singer of The Crimea popped into my inbox offering the chance to host an exclusive version of their new single “Loop A Loop“.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough he’d also picked up on my shameless plugging of Stuart James, and asked “would I be interested in Stuart’s version of the track? (attached)

Now three months later its finally release time, and over a dozen versions of the tune are being released solely through music blogs. The temptation to post before time has been unbearable, and it would definitly have featured in my top 150 of last year were it not for the fact that doing so would have given the game away.

The mix is as fantastic as you’d expect from a collaboration between a group with the late great John Peels stamp of approval, and a newcomer that Peel would surely have eagerly thrown on at the wrong speed. Stuart’s version inhabits a much darker world than the original stripping everything down to Davey’s “Loop A Loop” refrain, before layering over a thudding drum machine, distorted synth and of course his trademark machine gun poetry. Mid way through it cuts to just the drum beat and Stuart’s vocals with devastating effect.

the frailty of human bones,
the voice of moderation in the distance,
Elvis on the answer phone

Grab the MP3 below, and visit the other blogs to nab more mixes from people like Akira The Don.

Releasing 16 totally free variations of the single spread around music blogs is a typically leftfield decision from a group who were offering FREE album downloads when Thom Yorke was still going “MP…what?“. Their latest Secrets Of The Witching Hour has clocked up almost 100,000 downloads so far and I obviously recomend you do the same!


The Crimea – Loop A Loop (Stuart James mix)” (MP3)Recommended!

Visit www.thecrimea.net to download 15 other remixes, and their latest album ALL FOR NADA/NOWT/NOTHING!!!

also try Stuart himself:

Stuart James – Like A Confession (Camberwell Hit Factory mix)