Blog Fresh Radio is a weekly show that interviews obsessive music bloggers from around the world, getting them to talk about and spin their current hottest tune.

From their first show onwards they’ve been flatteringly asking me to appear but for various reasons it never seemed to happened. Well, finally they tracked me down, tickled me under the chin, told me I was very very special, and before I knew it I was extolling the virtues of the splendid Superimposers over a transatlantic phone line.

Who knew I had such a gift for incoherent rambling!?  Fortunately the music speaks for itself, and there are loads of other fine bloggers every week digging into the crate marked “ones to watch“.

Listen to Blog Fresh Radio – I’m about five minutes in.


Listening to glorious blues funk soup of The Heavy, its not difficult to spot their influences. Now you no longer need to guess as last year they put together a mix packed full of Zepellin, Stooges, The Beatles, Muddy Waters and Ghostface Killah.

The Heavy – Solid Steel (27/07/07)” (MP3)full tracklisting

The Heavy Myspace


Akira The Don’s All Star Mix 15 is available here, featuring Rage Against The Machine, Superman, Patrick Wolf, Scott Walker, and of course the don himself.

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