Acid Brass sent The KLF to the colliery, Senor Coconut turned Kraftwerk Latin, and now Christian Prommer is taking dance classics to the jazz club.  From Jaydee’s “Plastic Dreams” to Kraftwerks “Trans-Europe Express“, Prommer chooses ten of his favourite dance monsters from the last two decades and reinvents them using the piano, drums, percussion and bass of the jazz quartet.

There’s obviously a market (Volume 2 is to follow) for music that appeals to 30 and 40 somethings who now prefer dipping humous at diner parties to dropping acid at warehouse parties, but this is far from a novelty record.  Take one listen to Mr Fingers “Can You Feel It?” below and you’ll realise that the reason Volume 2 is in the offing is that Prommer has stumbled on an inspired idea that improbably works magnificantly.

Christian Prommer – Myspace

Listen: Christian Prommer – Can You Feel It?” (MP3)

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Watch: Christian Prommer – Can You Feel It?” (Youtube)


Domino records sent out a very nice Fourtet mix to promote his new Ringer mini LP.  Propagate at will they said, so I am.

After last years fantastic Cassetiquette, DJ Wrong Tom is back with his patented cross stitching, killer music combo.  Emma Ferguson provides another beautiful hand cross stitched cover (check out her shop for loads of wonderful pressies, badges and other frippery), while Wrong Tom takes in the entire musical output of the legendary J.Saul Kane aka Depth Charge and squeezes it into 30 minutes.
Coincidentally Duke Spook also had a similar idea, and you can grab his “Late Night Kung-Fu Lovers” mix from this blog.  Happy times indeed for lovers of kung fu dialogue and huge beats.

Its so good to hear Goooooaaaaallllllllllll again, and Shaolin Budda, and, and, and… heads off to revisit Depth Charge collection.

Fourtet – “DJ Mix” (MP3)
Buy: Fourtet – “Ringer” Mini-album

Depth Charge vs. DJ Wrongtom – Kanetiquette” (MP3) / Tracklist / Artwork
Depth Charge vs. Duke Spook – Late Night Kung-Fu Lovers” (MP3) / Tracklist
Wrongtom Myspace / DC Recordings Radio show

On the subject of Depth Charge, J Saul Kane now runs DC Recordings, who are primed to release the follow up to the monumentally good “Death Before Distemper” compilation. Volume 2 is worth buying for its “Revenge Of The Iron Ferret” title alone, but its also packed with new tracks from Depth Charge, Emporer Machine, Kelpe, along with some lesser known but none the less brilliant acts.

Timo and Mikko formally of Opel Bastards feature under their “And The Left Handed” moniker. Check out their myspace for more electronic prog rock goodness, and look forward to DBD Vol.2 for another track by them, along with other hugely varied but consistently good stuff.

And The Left Handed – Disturbing You” (MP3)
And The Left Handed Myspace
Buy: DC Recordings – “Death Before Distemper, Vol.1
Preorder Vol.2: The Revenge Of The Iron Ferret!!!

Rejoice, Roots Manuva just announced a new album will be with us for late summer. On Myspace he declares it’ll be “light and dark, vulnerable and wise by turns, drawing together cruffy anthems, club-shuddering basslines, slime and reason and introspective insight in trademark fashion”.

To celebrate here’s a re-edit of Witness, kindly sent over by Floorman. Its just one of the many re-edits featured on his blog, I’d advise you to visit forthwith.

Roots Manuva – “Witness (Floorman M20 Edit)” (MP3)
Watch the “Witness” video, otherwise known as the greatest music video ever made.
Visit The Floorman Blog for re-edits galore / Roots Manuva Myspace

I know its lazy but if you like The Prodigy chances are you’ll love the Nursery Of Naughtiness. Big beats, loud guitars, sitars, it’s probably Liam and co testing the reaction to their new album before letting the cat out of the bag.

Nursery of Naughtiness – The Collision” (MP3)
Nursery of Naughtiness Myspace

The Winchell Riots apparently formed over a shared love of the novels of Philip Roth and a desire “make girls dance to sad songs”. The press release says “Bjork meets Mew meets Elbow”.

The Winchell Riots – The Man Who Mapped The Oceans” (MP3)
Winchell Riots Myspace
Buy: The Winchell Riots – “Histories EP” / Special Limited edition artwork version / HMV