Podcast 02: April 08 (1 hour 6mins) – (download MP3) Subscribe itunes [display_podcast]

Better late than never, the second edition of the music like dirt podcast.  The finest music I stumbled across last month, all badly mixed into one easy to swallow hour.  Apologies go to The Raconteurs who were subjected to my first experiments in live Ableton “remixing“… mostly looping and slapping on excessive dub effects.

Desmond Dekker – ‘Intensify ’68 (Music Like Dirt)
John Fairhurst – ‘Obnox Stomp(visit here for MP3)
Christian Prommer – ‘Can You Feel It?(visit here MP3)
Justice – ‘Stress (Auto remix)
Radioactive Man – ‘Nothing At All (Instrumental)
Muscleheads – ‘Phosphorescence
And The Left Handed – ‘Disturbing You(visit here for MP3)
The Fall – ’50 Year Old Man
Hedluv‘Intro‘ – More info and MP3’s @ Headphonesex
Van Morrison – ‘You Say France and I’ll Whistle
The Natural Yogurt Band‘Voodoo
Sham Sham – ’99 Hearts
Taurus Riley and Jimmy Riley – ‘Pull Up Selector
The Raconteurs – ‘Consolers Of The Lonely
DJ Zeph and Azeem – ‘What If?
Be Your Own Pet – ‘The Kelly Affair
Lucy and The Caterpillar – ‘Kings Cross (Goldierocks remix)
Spilt Milk – ‘Let’s Get Married
Atmosphere – ‘Shoulda Known
So Cow‘It’s Over‘ – Visit HiFi Popcorn for interview and more So Cow MP3’s
TM Juke – ‘My World Is Empty Without You (feat. Alice Russell)
Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty – ‘You’re The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly

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