This is probably old to everyone, but I’d not seen “I Met The Walrus“, the beautiful Oscar nominated animation of teenagers conversation with John Lennon. 
Back in 1969, a tenacious 14 year old from Toronto heard whispers that John Lennon had just flown in, and managed to not only find his hotel, but also knock on the door and ask if he could interview the star.

Almost 30 years later and the 40 minute interview has been edited down to five minutes, and taken to another level with some of the most beautiful animation I’ve ever seen. Wonderful!

To really appreciate the animation watch or download the .mov trailer, the detail is incredible, and doesnt quite come across in the slightly blurry youtube.


“Hi music like dirt people 🙂
I saw that I made the top 100 of your tracks of ’07
I have attached a link below to the new single”.

Speaking as the music like dirt people can I say its a pleasure to hear some new material from Jay Bharadia. As Jay said his Snowy Day track was one of my favourite’s from last year, and if “Crocodile17” is anything to go by his new material more than meets expectations. Plus everyone loves a bit of big foot footage!

Jay Bharadia – Crocodile 17” (MP3)
Jay Bharadia – / Visit Myspace for tons of free downloads 🙂
Watch secret Yeti footage! (otherwise known as a trailer for the Snowy Day video) (YouTube)
Buy The Yeti Cave


Using information from the website of choice for sampling trainspotters, Jesse Kriss has created a interactive history of sampling. On the top are albums that sample, click one and all the samples usedflash up. Down the bottom are tracks that have been plundered, click them and all the music to have used that song chows up. Simple, yet brilliant.

Visit Jesse Kriss’s brilliant history of sampling project (recomneded)


The last mix Kelpe sent me back in March put a lovely big dent in my bandwidth as people greedily gorged themselves on its lushness. So for all that loved that one, here’s another originally created for, but well worth a wider airing.

Kelpe – Compost fm mix” (MP3) – Yousend it link click – don’t right click
Buy Kelpe’s LP here / Kelpe myspace

Talking of radio sessions, DJ Wrong Tom recently guested on Jonny Reggae’s show and brought along his finest Brit-punk-disco classics. I’m half way through “Dumb Down The Disco” as I type, and when it finishes it’s going right back to the top. In fact I can safely say, this will be the soundtrack to the window sanding I’ll be doing this afternoon when I stop trying to avoid doing it by blogging! Nothing like a bit of angular aggressive guitar to get that paint off.

Dj Wrongtom Dumb Down The Disco” (MP3) – Yousendit link – Click (dont right click)
DJ Wrongtom Myspace

1. Glaxo Babies/Dj Wrongtom “Wrongtom Meets The Disco Dinosaurs”
2. The Clash “Radio Edit (Wrongtom’s Disco Dub)”
3. Rip Rig And Panic “Take A Don Key To Mystery”
4. Coco Beware “Tropical Depression”
5. Fad Gadget “Make Room”
6. Public Image Limited “Death Disco (Live In Tokyo)”
7. Orange Juice “Lord John White And The Bottleneck Train”
8. Pig Bag “Getting Up”
9. Boots For Dancing “Hypnotize”
10. Return Of The Panthers “Crown Of Thorns (Wrongtom’s Disco Dub)”
11. Au Pairs “Shakedown”
12. Blank Students “I Want To Be Happy”
13. Phil Daniels + The Cross “Kill Another Night”
14. The Beat “Too Nice To Talk To”
15. Penetration “Movement (Wrongtom’s Disco Dub)”


Leaving probably the best till last Buddy Peace has a new mix CD out called “Wolf Diesel Mountain“.  It’s one of those mixes where the term mix doesn’t suffice, its an opus, a labour of love.

‘Wolf Diesel Mountain’ is a monster fed on the bones of all that have gone before it. This is a mix that is complex and diverse – slices and selections of nearly 100 tracks in under an hour. Samples are chopped, beats are re-programmed and tracks are fully remixed – without ever falling into the common trap of mixes that veer off on tangents to show off the DJ’s record collection.

Buy the album here – featuring everyone from Mobb Deep to Beck and Tom Waits.

Check out the original mix sources in this superb podcast put together for the people at 3 Bar Fire.
Buddy Peace – Wolf Diesel Mountain (Deer Blood Falls Podcast)” (MP3) Click – don’t right click
Buddy Peace Myspace

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