Analogue Bye Bye returns with a rare competition to mark Epic’s remastered reissue of seven Sly & The Family Stone albums. They came out last year with 5 or so bonus tracks on each LP, but Amazon just had them on sale at less than a fiver each! In my overexcited state my purchasing finger was – like Sly himself in the very funny clip above – totally out of control and apparently I bought two of “Theres a Riot Goin’ On“.  So theres an obvious competition prize.

Leave a comment or email to win my spare copy of one of the all time classics (including 4 bonus tracks). The winner will be decided by a fair but totally random method which I’m yet to make up.

Here’s a selection of some of the absolutly incredible music to be found on all seven LP’s. Essential purchases, especially at such bargain prices (the original boxset was 65 quid!).

Sly & The Family Stone – Dance To The Medley” (MP3)
Sly & The Family Stone – Time” (MP3)
Sly & The Family Stone – Positive (Instrumental)” (MP3)


Another rumage through my box of old Solid Steel’s finds shows from the first two months of ’92.  Theres no faking the funk with Fred Wesley, The Brides Of Funkenstein, Funkadelic and one of my all-time favourite Bootsy Collins tracks.  Fantastically titled, “Munchies for your love” is packed with Bootsy’s trademark bass, chanted backing vocals, all topped off with Mr Collins in full on lothrio mode “hot for your chocolate love!

Coldcut are in the mix for “Toast N Jam” a reggae/ragga selection featuring fu-snickens, Apache Indian, and Shabba. There are two more mixes in February 92’s show, “Hi Tech Skank” features KT & Hex along with Criminal Minds, while “Future Be-Bop” goes for the funky hip trip hop with DJ Food and Jungle Brothers who’ve always “Got It Like That“.

Lisa Stansfield was doing credible white soul two decades before Winehouse first picked up a crack pipe. As part of Blue Zone tracks like “Big Thing” became Warehouse party favourites, leading Coldcut to sign her up for their pop smash “People Hold On“.  “Time To Make You Mine“, taken from her debut solo album, was treated to a dubbed out blissful remake courtesy of The Orb’s Alex Paterson.

I’ve also included Megauploads of two previously posted shows (I think? I lost track to be honest).  Nikki Giovanni’s Ego Trippin” (lyrics) is a glorious slice of Afrocentric poetry, with Nikki proclaiming:
On a trip north I caught a cold and blew my nose
giving oil to the Arab world
I am so hip – even my errors are correct

Finally its the original version of “Television” by industrial punks The Beatnigs, as reworked by The Disposable Heroes Of HipHopcrisy (featured in an earlier Analogue Bye Bye).

Bootsy Collins – Munchies For Your Love” (MP3)
Nikki Giovanni – Ego Trippin” (MP3)
The Beatnigs – Television (Remix)” (MP3)
Lisa Stansfield – Time To Make You Mine (The Orb remix)” (MP3)

Coldcut – Solid Steel ??/01/92 (Tape 7)” (MP3) 1hr 50
Coldcut – Solid Steel ??/02/92 (Tape 10) (MP3) 1hr 51
Coldcut – Solid Steel 08/02/92 (Tape 8)” (MP3 – Megaupload click, dont right click) 1hr 50
Coldcut – Solid Steel ??/02/92 (Tape 9)” (MP3 – Megaupload click, dont right click) 1hr 13

Check out the Solid Steel site for new shows, and for more official trips into the archive (every post so far is a classic).

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