(Ryan,StopMe): If Sarah “I’m a Maverick, John’s a Maverick, we’re Mavericks, Maverick, Maverick, Maverick” Palin becomes Vice-President tonight, I may have to commit-suicide, so this could be the last TEN4SE7EN. Lucky I feel the ten tracks I’ve chosen are of sufficiently high quality to entertain, until she inevitably brings about the apocalypse for the rest of you. Enjoy:

Cashier No.9 bring shimmering danceable Indie-Rock to brighten your day packed with interesting production flourishes. It was a hard choice to recommend just one track but in the end I went for the funky, rifftastic and lyrically hook-laden track ‘To The Death Of Fun’. You’ve gotta love the Beach Boys sighing Drum-break bit in the middle (It reminded me of vintage Jim Noir). They’ve got a new single out and an album in the pipeline.

Cashier No.9 – ‘The Death Of Fun‘ (MP3)

Death Of The Neighbourhood employ a wonky Electronic-Jazz backing and strange verses to create one of the weirdest Rap tracks I’ve encountered called ‘Cokeholes’. Respect when you can get away with rhyming “Double chin” with “Wheelie bin”.

I loved an insane Fight Like Apes track from a while back called ‘Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues’. They were never gonna get played on the radio with track like that (More’s the pity). Luckily they’ve got super-catchy bizarre Electronic-Pop singles like ‘Jake Summers’ to reel in the punters. Lyrics don’t get much better than “Hey you! Know your place, you’re like Kentucky Fried Chicken… but without the taste”. They even find time for a beautiful interlude bit before thrashing out the finish.

Here a bit of gorgeous, atmospheric, bluesy Rock in the shape of ‘Time The Conqueror’. It’s the combination of the rich Guitar sound and Jackson Browne’s (Of ‘These Days’ fame) well worn vocals that really gets me.

I never got round to checking out Jenny Lewis’ hugely successful last album ‘Rabbit Fur Coat’. Clearly a huge mistake as I’ve fell in love with ‘Carpetbaggers’ from her new album ‘Acid Tongue’. It’s velvety and warm Country-Rock blessed with a guest vocal from the bespectacled genius that is Elvis Costello.

I always look forward to something new from Marvin The Martian. He’s got a great ear for catchy samples to ride his rhymes over and this time it’s G-Unit’s ‘You So Tough’. It’s his and DJ Jack Nimble’s brand-new and totally free-to-download ‘Somebody’s Watching Me’ Mixtape. Yes, you did hear right, he did just spit out the lines ‘You wanna fuck wid us, you wanna scuffle us, I can’t think of anybody out der that’s tough enough, dey never rough enough, Marvin’ll rough ’em up, I’m little as Elmo, strong as Snuffleupagus

Get your air-slap-Bass and booty-shake ready for Mindless Boogie’s supremely funky ‘Pudding (Rubber Room Rerub)’. Only Jimmy Smith and his band make music as bad-ass as this. Unlike Jimmy’s 10-minute-plus Jazz odysseys, this is sadly only five minutes long.

When, oh when are Misty’s Big Adventure gonna take over the world with their unique brand of British Psychedelic-Pop. ‘The Rainbow and The Cloud’ is from their new album ‘Television’s People’ and once again Grandmaster Gareth and Co. pull off another catchy potential hit single.

‘Pimp’ is perhaps a rare Steel-Drum gem from the little known 1970s Trinidad & Tobago group The Bacao Rhythm and Steel Band that inspired 50 Cent’s ‘P.I.M.P’. It’s also perhaps a newly recorded Steel-Drum gem cooked up by the guys at Mocambo Records with a little truth-stretching press-release to wet out appetites. Either way it’s genius and is equally suited to chilling in the sunshine or rocking the clubs (Props to MusicLikeDirt for sending me this track).

The Bacao Rhythm and Steel Band – Pimp‘ (MP3)

The last track is called ‘F.U.N.K’ which pretty much sums up this James Brown sampling cut from The Breakbeat Junkie. If you liked the Fantasy Funk Band track I had a few weeks back, then this is going to be right up your street.


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