A bad month for the BBC, standards falling, an elderly gentleman inappropriately used on air, and the decision making of those from the top to the bottom of the corporation called into question.
Yes, Thats right Alan Yentob presented ‘Imagine: Jay Z – He Came, He Saw, He Conquered‘. At least it’s a snappier title than the original choice: ‘Is this really all thats left of the arts coverage of the most respected broadcaster in the world: Lets give Hip-Hop an hour long documentary in a decent time slot but why not get a middle aged, middle class, white presenter with no discernible knowledge, insight or interest in the subject to present’.

If there’s one rapper you need to know about its him

Never has an opening line summed up the presenters knowledge so well… No Alan, put your glasses on the script says ‘There’s one rapper I’ve heard of, its him‘. Leaving aside the insulting you only need to know one rapper premise, even the Jigga man’s greatest fan might struggle to argue he’s the best from three decades or more of Hip-Hop. Don’t get me started on the later assertion that ‘Reasonable Doubt‘ is one of the greatest Rap albums of all time!

Despite all this, the programmes actually quite watchable (UK users see on iPlayer here)and Yentob seems genuinely enthusiastic about his subject.

Hopefully we can look forward to ill judged presenter choice working in reverse.
Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s death robbed us of the perfect presenter for BBC1’s look back on the reign of Queen Elizabeth the Second. And how about Dizzee Rascal on Shostakovich… ‘man if there’s one classical dude you need to hear its him‘. He’s already told Jeremy Paxman he’s running for Prime Minister. (YouTube – Dizzee for PM!)
Oh yes and the Beeb broadcast a couple of overpaid idiots leaving rude messages on Manuel’s answer phone. The nation – stoked by its twin moral compasses – The Daily Mail and The Sun were outraged (rightfully as it goes). Taking time out from trying to destroy the BBC, Rupert Murdoch also gave us a glimpse of the standards we’ll get when he succeeds by announcing an Obama victory could worsen the global financial crisis.

Thankfully 52% of American voters ignored two years of smears and lie’s from his ‘fair and balanced‘ Fox News network and voted ‘OBAMA 08’.

Nas – Get Down (Quantic Soul Orchestra mix)‘ (MP3)


Oyster cards work through bags and purses
We got the best damn night bus service

Marvin The Martian pays tribute to late night London capers, Kebab shops, bubble bottom girls, and errr the night bus service. Taken from his FREE mixtape ‘Somebodys watching me’ available here.

Marvin The Martian and Jack Nimble – London City (Beautiful)‘ (MP3)

Another mixtape, this time a limited edition CD with guest appearances from the likes of Scroobius Pip along with an Anchorman dub track.
Dub Step, Hip Hop, Pop all held together with tongue in cheek lyrics, although I thought the chorus ‘Summer 98‘ was ‘it was the middle of summer… we had sex’ until I finally heard the last bit as ‘In Essex‘ the other day.

‘Britains got talent… We got most of it’

Producers With Computers – Summer 98 (remix)‘ (MP3)

Apparently this brilliant Biggie Small cover version was all over the internet earlier in the year, but somehow passed me by.

The soaring strings and choirs are a joy, like the best of Beck and Eels with of course Biggie’s lyrics.
New single Yours‘ (YouTube) proves he’s not just another ‘my own material is weak but check out my cover versions‘ merchant.

Dan Black – Hypntz‘ (MP3)

The second Bruce Springsteen track in as many months who says this blog isnt cutting edge!
Released to fans as a ‘little Halloween treat‘ its a gloriously low down dirty bluesy number.

In 1735 a lady gave birth to her 13th child that transformed into an evil creature. The horrified parents threw him in the river, where he now haunts the people of Jersey.

Bruce Springsteen – A Night With The Jersey Devil‘ (MP3) / Video

Offical site / Lyrics

To make ‘The Story‘ Matthew Herbert sampled 70 copies of the sun newspaper. 70 celebrity gossip magazines. one copy of the nme. one madonna album. one copy of wallpaper magazine.  Every track on his new album is constructed from such artsy samples, including one project to record powerful people saying ‘Yes’. The Queen said ‘No’.
To read about under-reported and overlooked stories Matthew recommends Projectcensored.org.

Matthew Herbert Big Band – The Story (Edit)‘ (MP3)
Accidental Records
/ Myspace

Kwaidan is a one-off project inspired by Masaki Kobayashi’s movie of the same name. Mat Ranson turns his hand to a longer format narrative, dispensing with his more usual hip hop styled rhythms for a more fluid darker brooding style of slow burning techno.

Kwaidan – Masaki‘ (MP3)

Mountains make dense laptop and loop based music that builds and builds swelling up as melodic sounds burst through the mix.

This taken from their much anticipated new album features acoustic instrumentation and field recordings blending in with subtle electronics.

Mountains – Brown Glass Typewriter‘ (MP3)

Armed with banks of analouge synthesisers and vintage drum machines, Jonas pays tribute to 70’s Krautrock with a sprawling pulsating album.
Crept Idea For Mom sounds like music in Colonel Walter E. Kurtz’s head as he Acid trips his way through Apocolypse Now.

Jonas Reinhardt – Crept Idea For Mom‘ (MP3)
/ Myspace

A bit of jazz from Bohren and Der Club Of Gore new album. It’s not straight Jazz, but a darker more understated take on the genre.  Bohren (German for drilling) were formed by ex members of a Hardcore Metal band who obviously wanted to get in touch with their ambient jazz ballad side.

Bohren and Der Club Of Gore – Unkerich‘ (MP3)

Peter Broderick’s gorgeous new album seems set to capture the Jose Gonzales market this Christmas.  It’s achingly beautiful but I’ve still got a soft spot for his previous more instrumental debut.
Piano, violins, and cello’s combine in this wide screen filmic beauty from the obscenly talented 21 year old.

Peter Broderick – Floating / Sinking‘ (MP3)
/ Myspace

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