Ryan (StopMe): Whittling down this week’s tracks to just ten was almost agonising.

So much so, that I may be forced to do a mid-week post featuring another ten (I haven’t decided yet).

For the time being, here are the best ten (Oh yeah, by the way… Barack Obama!!):

As a ravenous meat eater it’s a little perverse that I love Beatnik Filmstars’ ‘Animal Crackers’, with it’s declarations of “All you animal farmers are going straight to hell”. It sounds like a lovely little Indie song on the surface but the lyrics are seething with anger.

Beatnik Filmstars – Animal Crackers‘ (MP3)

Daniel Martin Moore’s ‘Stray Age’ is an acoustic song of rare beauty like something from another time.

His calls of “Come be close and be rested” envelope your ears like a big warm blanket.

‘Rivers and Rainbows’ sounds like a gaggle of Monks kicking off the dust of the Monastery to lay down some brutal Blues based Rock ‘n’ Roll. Detroit Social Club should be listened to with the volume loud and the Bass heavy.

Eagles Of Death Metal are not a band that I’d naturally get excited about but they do come up with some great tunes. ‘Wannabe In L.A.’ is a fuzzy Pop-Rock paean to the hypnotic bright lights of Los Angeles.

‘HappY’ is a lyrical carousel ride through war, politics and jealousy. FrYars make joyous Phychedlic-Pop that’s so very, very strange.

Unpronounceable name aside, Ninja Tune’s K-The-I??? makes faultless brooding Rap. ‘Lead The Floor’ is the peak but you really should check out the whole of his ‘Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow’ LP.

Pontiak bring slowly grinding freak-out Blues on ‘Shell Skull’. A little like the kind of searing Rock BRMC used to do so well.

On Ryan Adams’ ‘Magick’ (From his tenth solo LP in just eight years) he’s detoured from the Country sound back into the straight up Rock he recorded for his ‘Rock n’ Roll’ album. Any song with a chorus of “Turn the radio up and get down” is always going to work.

Stanley Brinks is his name and ‘Stanley Brinks’ is the track. It’s a meandering autobiography that fascinates and delights in equal measure. To find out more about this gifted storyteller simply listen to the rest of his ‘Dank U’ LP.

[audio:https://www.musiclikedirt.com/wp-content/MP3/TEN4SE7EN6/Stanley%20Brinks.mp3] Stanley Brinks – Stanley Brinks‘ (MP3)

Expect this new tune from Wiley to go stellar when it gets a single release next year. It’s produced by somebody called Mark Ronson (Who?!?). ‘Cash In My Pocket’ is a jaunty Hip-Hop plea for the recession to come to a swift end.


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As a bonus, here’ the credit-crunch based mini video for ‘Cash In My Pocket’ that’s been doing the rounds: