Blur are back and playing to 45,000 in the summer but Damon’s got plans to rule not only indie pop but odd ball cartoon Monkey opera too. XL have roped in two of the finest re-mixers around to administer some Monkey chop, Diplo will be the one setting the Hype Machine alight, but Kwes has been rightly lauded of late (remix duties for Hot Chip not to mention his own wonderful productions).
He’s got a 7″ arriving in January, which StopMe described as serenly beautiful (more on Myspace) and his blog is worth a visit for general natter and killer freebie mixtapes.

Diplo has the genius idea of strapping the Monkey to the downbeat reggae swagger of Shineheads ‘Billie Jean‘ cover version (or at least that’s what gets stuck in my head when I hear it…don’t think twice…). Midway through it morphs into Dr. Dre style cruising in my bimmer style hip-hop before the swirling synths and Chinese lyrics of the original version take us back to Beijing.
If all music were this inventive, we’d have to invent The Killers just to give our brains a rest.

Monkey: Journey To The West  – ‘Monkey Bee (Kwes mix)’ (MP3)
Monkey: Journey To The West  – ‘Monkey Bee (Diplo mix)’ (MP3)

Visit MonkeyWorld for wallpaper, downloads and a build your own Monkey theatre set for the kids.
Remix the Monkey Bee video
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4AD are getting in the festive spirit by giving away a compilation of tracks from albums theyve put out this year. With Bon Iver, TV On The Radio, Atlas Sounds and Johann Johannsson all featuring, its essentially some of the finest sounds of 2008 all for nowt.

Visit here to listen and download

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